The Journey Begins Challenge (2D) Entry: Ramy Badie


omg im late…this looks amazing!! i love it!!


samanthie- thanks so much for the ideas, definitely I’ll try to get that fixed right away, I agree with what you are saying and think it’ll look better :slight_smile:

calisto- thanks a lot for coming to view, I really appreciate it :smiley:

oh man the deadline is just around the corner, and my finals are even sooner! the time to bust out the final updates is now, because I need to submit my final image! ack XD


hi ramy

two problems i see now is her dress too scattered and her tail is still on the ground.

other than that debbie’s post is pretty helpful for guy’s neck
and picture is getting better.

good luck
keep working


I’m not sure I really understand when you say her dress is scattered? could you quickly explain and/or show me what you mean? As for the tail, I was saying earlier that I kinda wanted it to be just a snake crawling at her feet, I’ll actually try raising it off the ground with the dress and see which version looks better :slight_smile:


ok I fixed the man’s hairline, I think it looks better now. Thanks samanthie :smiley: I also made the clouds on the right side a little less bright so it isn’t such an abrupt light-dark transition that takes focus away from the center of the image. It’s definitely time to start tightening the image, going in at full size and sharpening some of the edges, cleaning up some messy areas, etc.


I’m going to be posting some closeup fixes for a few, there are many areas that are really crappy if you get in anywhere near 25+% of the original size (my posts are a little over 10% of size usually). So basically I’m going in and redetailing everything, the entire water area is a mess, and it’s the first thing I’m fixing, them I’m going to move on to her dress, areas of the sky, and then whatever else I can find that needs work. But the water will probably take a few days. I have prom tonight, so I have to get ready and such, I’ll hopefully continue tomorrow though. Ack, stupid finals next week, really causing an issue in terms of the deadline, but at least I have a picture that’s presentable now so it’s just a matter of fixing as much as I can now before submitting the final image.


I like the updates alot Ramy you did a great job and I’m glad I could help. Thanks for all of your input on my image also. :slight_smile: Keep going and good luck to you!


Well, I think this is definitely an improvement, even though her dress isn’t completed yet. The dress is still lacking some lustre and contrast, but that will come soon. For now I’m going to leave it as-is, and get to work on other parts of the image. What do you think is most important to work on at this point?


Thanks a lot for your support samanthie, and good luck to you too :slight_smile:


I’m not sure I really understand when you say her dress is scattered? could you quickly explain and/or show me what you mean? As for the tail, I was saying earlier that I kinda wanted it to be just a snake crawling at her feet

actually i was trying to say something like ‘too untidy’, sorry for my weak english:blush:. but it looks much much better now and i must have missed what you told about tail.

but i liked last updates, getting better everytime,
also theres a problem with the hand it’s looking quite unnatural right now.


For the skirt, I think the old one is better which’s on the left…much more artistic,volumetric, has a good mystical sense and original…New one is much more ordinary…Hey, i could tell my thought…no?..

( )


individium: I kinda guessed that’s what you meant, glad you think it looks better :slight_smile: I definitely see what you mean about the hand and am planning to go back and fix it, I’m just trying to think when. Time is really running out on me right now, and I have finals all this week, and it’s making me extremely nervous. For me, the order of importance is: 2 main characters, the people in the water (including the hand), lanterns, carpet, background stuff in the water, water itself, sky. Hopefully I’ll get a chance to fix all those things, but the last few might get dropped off or just get a quick fix, but I want at least the stuff in the foreground to look good then I might just have to blur out some stuff if it gets to be too much >< I hope not though and I won’t resort to that until later.

emptyparenthesis: thanks for the comment, I can understand what you are saying, but I personally prefer the one on the right :confused: There are several reasons, first of all the one on the left doesn’t stand out at all if you look at the entire image. Secondly, it looks too dark on some monitors and loses all the details, and third, if you look at it on close-up, it’s really terrible I think. The one on the right is was my attempt at defining the basic shape of what I had, but making it stand out more and make more sense while still being detailed. If I have time later, I might try to come up with some sort of compromise between the two, but for now I have to stick with the one that I have (especially since I already merged layers, the filesize is getting WAY too large :/)

Oh man it’s almost there, I can feel the end, I just hope it comes in time!


I flipped the image and worked out some issues in the face, then detailed it more. When I flipped the image, I realized that there are several big composition issues, and I have no idea how to fix them. Hopefully I’ll come up with something brilliant before this is all over, but there is so little time left >< If you have any ideas, please let me know, the composition hasn’t really changed since the last time I posted the full image.


Hey there, about your water, you don’t have to define every waves with white lines especially the part where it hits the path. There should be some foam forming where the water hits the path if the scene is at the sea. The dress is coming along nicely, but if you can apply the shadowing from the previous version of the dress to the latest version, it will look more solid and three dimensional. The hand in the foreground reaching out to them, try making it bigger , show less of the arm, more on the hand itself.

You are nearly there!


Thanks for the advice, I’ll definitely get to working on that soon :smiley:


Hi Ramy, Just checking in. How are you doing on the finishing touches?


sooo… close. can you smell it? i really regret not being able to keep as close an eye on this peice as your last one. it’s really strong. one thing though is that the skin is not as alive on the guy as on the girl. i don’t know if that’s intentional or not. if not, you could try a bit more saturation in the shadows than in the highlights. that helps with the translucent feel that skin has. i also definately agree with the reaching hand being larger. rock on!

great lips btw,
(on the girl)


Tomorrow is my last final, and so I’ll be back home and finished with that in about 12 hours, and then i’ll hopefully be able to do about 12 straight hours of work to finish everything that is unfinished now so that i can post it tomorrow night :smiley: I hope it all works out, thanks so much samanthie and anzibon, you two have been great through this whole process for me (as well as everyone else that commented, thanks so much!) The finishing touches are coming, and I’ll definitely take care of the hand. Peace for now! wish me luck tomorrow (so that I don’t go totally crazy)


Ahh time for final crits, I still haven’t finished working on the water, but other than that, what needs work? I’ll probably post one more update after this before the final, so I want to hear whatever you’ve got, be brutal, whatever it takes, I need to hear it :smiley:


Hi Ramy, Everything has come together and it looks great!! I only have a small crit for the eerie hand in the forefront. The thumb looks a little odd. Maybe it is too thick? Other than that I can’t think of anything to add. Not much time to tweak left. Great work Ramy!:thumbsup: :thumbsup: