The Journey Begins Challenge (2D) Entry: Panu Uomala


cool work…very funy story…
i just hope shes not off to kill my panda :frowning:

best of luck!!


no way dude, your panda was great, nah, they’re more like a team!




if you need help you always can call for the Ninja GP… :stuck_out_tongue: haha


there is a Ninja GP?



Again a great pic, very nice ambiance, great work


yes, in my image she is the pilot the parrotplane… the Ninja GP… and one of my own GPs has the name Ninja… the world is full of little Ninja GPs… hips of them… haha…


okay Lady, no more wine for u

Thanks, Laurent :thumbsup:



hi panu!


man youre the one craziest man cg talk ever seen (ok too big talk for such a new member like me)

you did this out of blue on last few days and after it ended you shown a screenshot from her adventure.

by the way how’s pig’s journey going, to sky or to digestion?


yay!!! lets join teams and destroy tokyo!!!
lol…not that im not already…hehehe…

noow that would make a cool pic,giant panda, crazy lady and ninja GP Vs the whole world…i know for damn sure who id be betting on… :slight_smile:


Well done mate, nice composition… and as always… you’re fast in the end.

I love the framing of your picture, and its originality for sure…

Thanks for this again great moment of drawing :thumbsup:


Nice image dude! Really like the colors! Chick with a gun is always great! good luck squib!:thumbsup:


waoh… what a violence elegant lady! Getting every danger species on her journey wif dat Machine gun. Dat’s smashing…

I think u won again the longest replies thread in the challenge , rite?!

Sweet coloring yet a sense of journey is goin to be hard to get thru wif dat big arm gun.
Plus dat interesting camera view. (I am digging the front view concept of this lady too)

I seriously think der should be a plenty of Creativity Awards in our challenge.
I mean some awards for a multiple nice concepts artists!.

Congrat on ur final piece! Goodluck, Squibbit~!


Squibbit …man…this is great. But i also like like the last paint …she looks like she is from a poster from a new game DOOM LUDOVICOUS…:bounce:


Nice going, Squibbit, congrats on finishing your image!
Anyone do a count of final number of concepts Panu went through before picking one? Didn’t we have bets going 3 months ago on a final count?! :slight_smile:

Anjyhow, nice image, and way to go again!



Thanks for your message I receive from last second. It’s fun, cause I was reading your thread at this moment :).
I really like all the sketch you made at first , it’s make me always laught.
The final image concept is original, and I really like the color palette. Idea is really great !
I have difficult to watch each object scale in the scene but it make a surréalistic rendering as a dream picture. ( contradiction play a lot on it … man/woman . scale/angles … spiders/roses ).
Your result is unique and full of imagination. Best luck with it !


yea i had difficulties to watch the scales and perspective too, but decided it was
too much of a trouble not to ignore it :wise:



olà Squibbit, your LadyGun it’s amazing.
I like also the texturing an lights.

Good Luck.


nice job panu…Glad you finished it at last,after all thise crazy idea’s:thumbsup:


Well done Panu! Fantastic crazy idea :bounce: that´s what we want, haha :smiley: Congratz man, good job! :thumbsup:


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