The Journey Begins Challenge (2D) Entry: Panu Uomala


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Latest Update: Final Image: ok


way to announcing a new challenge when i’m sleeping so i can’t join in first


rock’n’roll, peoples!




haha…my junior did call to tell me the challenge has bebun so i wake up to enter the challenge suddenly.
have fun with ur journey mate.cheers bro:bounce:


yeah~u r here at last~its gonna be another hundred pages idea’s in ur entry~:scream:goodluck mate~and have fun


Goodluck Sir Squibs!


at last huh dude i told u i was sleepin grrr , gonna make fake concepts
on you thread when you’re not watchin

creates sh@ka account

let the undercover journey begin



Goooo Mr Squib! :thumbsup:


squibbitron :scream: :bounce::bounce::bounce: Can wait to see what u are going to come up with in this one :smiley:


Can’t wait to see those crazy concepts! :twisted:

Good luck!


Hello Squibbit! time for a new comic book! have fun pal!


Yeah man! cant wait to see some wacky stuff from you! i will be back in 10 mins when you have 5 or so sketches up :wink:




me too! can’t wait to see all your awesome funny sketches! good luck!!!


lucky hips to you too… :bounce:


bet of luck squib


go panu go, and no more sleeping buzinezz…zzz! :slight_smile:

jorneys to the coffeeroom


good luck squibb! have fun with this one!


buzy mornin… and where’s the submit entry
buttons and little entry thumbnails from
de challenge 2D forum huh?

anyways, here’s a starter…



wow you are fast
Good luck and have fun due:)


haha! Funny first sketch… Good luck on this challenge! :slight_smile: