The Journey Begins Challenge (2D) Entry: Omar Carias


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lets rock this challenge mate~goodluck and all the best to ya~:)


ey climax, welcome and have fun!



Hello my friend…time to set on fire the canvas…my best wishes…:bounce::thumbsup:


5d as well, good luck with ur 2d as well buddy!:thumbsup:


W00t !! 5D

Let’s rock the place Omar !

have a lots of fun and best of luck !




Hope you have fun, there’s a great journey ahead of you!
Best of luck! :thumbsup:


The Old GAIANICONIM was told that in the Land of MAHONUS there was a place called AMAL where the creatures of the magical forests could find a home and procreate peacefully and hidden for those who could not see. It was the last hope because the magic was fading from LADRADIE. The old man had always been a Magical scientist, an artist and a voyager, that’s why he was the one to find the new land on board of the ERAT with his little sidekick TARICEVADID the elf of the river who would be the key to open widelly the new lands and fill them with prosperity.
GAIANICONIM had biult the ERAT himself and traveled to wonderfull places but never found the MAHONUS land, the Legend says that the old man will be the only one who could open the way to reach AMAL, but everybody knew in the land of LADRADIE that it should be MAHONUS who would find GAIANICONIM and open the path to let TARICEVADID flow and bring the magical creatures of the forest to a place wich we would be surprised to know


interesting 1st sketch climax,the ship design looks cool:scream:


nice story and lovely ship :bounce:


I liked the idea and the story
Good luck and have fun!


One minor detail yesterday was 01/03/06 not 01/02/06…

BTW nice concept…


Hi Omar !

Awesome sketch ! Jeez , I definitely love your style !!

Keep it up mate !

cheers ,



Thx Michael, the ship is inspired in the fantastic art of James C. Christensen, still gotta put some more details, but i will when coloring, i dont want people to think I am steeling ideas :blush::slight_smile:


Thx Mona! I am glad u like it! :slight_smile: wanna ride?

Thank u dude, it is in fact a very short story, sure I am already having fun! :thumbsup: same to you!

Damn! you’re right! hahahaha I hope People don’t believe that it is an old sketch, yep, yesterday was Marz 1 st! :scream: Thank you buddy :smiley:

Thanks Brouty, I guess It would have been cool to do it in 3D, but i decided to go for a digital paint, I am still burning my brain for an idea to my 3D thread :argh: I am glad u find it interesting and that you keep an eye on my work :slight_smile:


I am Truly happy to see lots of great artist even at this stage concept sketches are beautiful in the entries i have seen, that make this a hell of a Journey and a real challenge! Good luck to everyone, and as I say to all : HAVE FUN!

Ps: This is the Line art for my paint, the elf of the river is already on top, (he wasn’t there in concept sketch cuz i hadn’t designed its character :stuck_out_tongue: hope u like it c&c are welcome!


I really like your story…

Awesome sketch, i think it will be a great pleasure to follow this thread…

Keet it up


of course I wanna have a ride with that ship… :bounce:
we can say… I´m the fairy on the flower waiting… :slight_smile:
naaaa… I heard ypur thought Omar… I´m not the gnom at the top of the roof… :stuck_out_tongue:


wow man this is looking truly good!!, i love the ship, great skillz!


What a cheerful drawing.
Keep up the good work.


I like the Idea very much It’s good to have clear idea of what you want to achive. keep it up!