The Journey Begins Challenge (2D) Entry: Olivier Derouetteau


Many thanks to all for your comments…it finally finished…


love it! good luck in the judging!


I like it! Snow or no snow! I love snow.:sad:

But I like that you have used some of the foreground elements to really frame what is going on in this image a girl going to a haunted house, or mansion, whatever you want to call it. I also like the fact that you have used warm colors against the cold to draw attention to where you want your audience to view, and lead them where you want them to go, simple but well executed, good luck in the judging!:thumbsup:


Fantastic. And in time too, good luck. :thumbsup:


Wicked style, how’d I miss this one.


Yeah thanks CoreyArtE, Ramitxon, beelow and gigantron2999
There is finally no snow :), but I really like.
Good luck for you too!


Simply original and beautiful, nothing to crit… just I like much :thumbsup:


fantasy work!..,color palette is good!!it’s very beautyful!


I love the style, the colors and the feeling in this image! One of my favorytes! Great work man!!Congratulations! And Good luck!


so so

(and quick)



Many thanks for your comments,
this challenge is a really really interesting experience for me :slight_smile:


Great design, wonderful style and nice rendering to boot! Very Nice.


Yeah!!:slight_smile: Many many thanks Jose-Pardo.


Wow, let me be the first to congratulate you one your prize! Great work, and congrats on winning!



Wow! One of my favourites has won!! Congratulations Olivier!! Its is well deserved!!


You have no idea how happy I am that you won :smiley: I’ve been a fan of your since… wow, a long time ago and I had no idea you entered this contest. I surfed all the pages and I must say I was amazed by your art progress. Everything is SO simple, clean, yet you produced one of the best paintings in the digital universe. A true master bows
I hope you enjoy your books (the prize ;)) :slight_smile:

Keep rockin’!

– Donna


Fantastic style, i love it. Congratulations on winning!


Congratulations Olivier!!,I love your’s very beautyful!


My gongratulations,
I like it :]



good! I like it !