The Journey Begins Challenge (2D) Entry: Olivier Derouetteau


Thanks Ramitxon!
It’s going to encourage me…:slight_smile:


Hi everybody,
Here is a next step of my coloring wip, I have added many details like creatures observing the little girl (it really make me smile…)Now, I have to work the little girl and adjust a little bit some details of the global lighting.All comments are welcome.


very nice picturethe scene full of mysteryand the lighting is well donenice woooooorkgood luuuuuuuck~~~~:bounce: :bounce:


Fantastic work!
One of the best I’ve seen, the most original as composition, Good luck!:thumbsup:


Great image. The elements are so fantastic. Top work!

Good luck. :thumbsup:


I’ve been very much enjoying watching the subtle changes in this piece as it progresses to what will be a great final artwork.
Love the use of scale in the comp, and the implicit menace and mystery in the lighting.

Super stuff.



Sympatical this new monster everywhere around.
“On peut dire que ces petites bêtes n’ont pas froid aux yeux :)”
Sorry for other to can’t traduce, but it a french play on words untraducable.
Keep good & top work and finish it !


interesting image…
looks a little washed out but otherwise i think its comming along well :slight_smile:

that is one unstable looking castle…lol…i wouldnt want to be going up there…lol

anway…nice style…and ver quick compared to others around…
good luck :slight_smile:


Hi everybody,
Many thanks to your previous comments.
Here is my next step with more details and coloring adjustment (I hope you will enjoy).I show you two versions because I ask myself if I put some falling snow or not (I really like having snow in the scene but it could disturb the picture…).So all your comments are welcome.


I would say go with snow, but not the way you have it here, try making the flakes smaller and have a bit more randomness in their size. It would also look cool if you had different layers of snow, each one becoming smaller and dimmer the further away that it is to add to the depth of the image.

Also maybe you could try putting some fog around the castle so that it seems bigger and more menacing at the same time, and it would help balance the picture with the changes in value.

Looking really cool though, best of Luck. :wink:


Hi, very good work on this piece !

I think the idea of the snow is good, but the way you did it on your picture is not… adequate (to my mind ^^).

The snowflakes are too big (compared to the eyes in the walls) and seems to be kind of meteorites crashing on earth =) so i think you should put some small snowflakes, and a bit more without hide the details of the pictures :slight_smile:

nevertheless, it’s a very nice work !
have fun


Lovely piece Olivier. I would say no snow, but if you go with snow, I’d follow Tyranx’ suggestions and make them smaller and dimmer with more randomness. I’m a little conflicted about the snow part because adding snow would help the concept of the “Journey” a little more, but on the other hand, the snow particles fight with the elements in the scene. You have a lot of curly and round shapes (eye balls, snow topped pillars) already.

In either case, I like your work. Good luck. :slight_smile:


Really lovely piece so far. Great details and colors and rendereing and everything!
I agree with all of the above about the snow. Right now I prefer it without, but if you need to add it, maybe something more simple and fitting with your piece’s style, not all motion blurred.
Anyhow, good luck!



This scene is really looks great.The composition is so good,light which is in the hand of the little girl is placed on the very right place I think.Also the one with snow is good for giving dynamic atmosphere.If you like you could put some crystalized shape of snow with blur effect.Anyway it’s very good without any addition.I’m very late for advise so don’t mind.I like it anyway.Good luck with voting.


Many thanks for your comments Tyranx, le Coyote, Ekah, Walrus and Ashiaka.
That’s right! those snowflakes are really to big, it make me smile :).It will be better with small snowfakes I am agree with this.
So now, I think that I am going to do it without snowflakes, because it would disturb many details of the illustration, and simplicity is I think the best way.
Many thanks to all of you.:thumbsup:


I like the snow! It gives it a sense of motion in the image, just make it work with the compo, and I am pretty sure that you’re going to do that! Really lovely image!:thumbsup:


Thanks for your comment Beelow, but I think that I am going to keep the version without snow.I don’t want to disturb all details of the image.

many thanks.


Hi everybody,

Here is my final coloring; I finally decide to keep the scene without snowflakes.I hope that you will enjoy :wink:


very nice work dude



There is nothing to say. Just only It is perfect. Fingercrossing from me. jarouch