The Journey Begins Challenge (2D) Entry: Olivier Derouetteau


Hi everybody,
Here is a little speed sketch just to try a larger format(I am not very satisfied, I really like my first proposition).I think that this speed painting has an nice cold athmosphere.I have added a owl in the background and I think that it looks great.The cattle has been modified but I think that it’s less interesting than before(so I am going to change it).Tell me what you think about this last version…thanks


excellent colors and composition! i like where this is going!


Hey - like the slightly tilted angle which adds to the perpective leading to the far off tower. You can almost feel the atmosphere. Touch of the Tim Burton to it too - which is always good! Nicely framed and conveys well the ominous journey the tiny girl is about to undertake, added to by the feeling of the Owl’s eyes watching her. Good stuff and addresses the brief well. Will stop back this way… :slight_smile:


This is looking really nice. It’s hard to see the difference in layout between this and the earlier one scrolling back and forth between them, but I suppose it doesn’t matter, as they both look nice. Good luck with this!



very nice idea and amazing composition, good luck


Happy to see you here olivier. Always fan of your work. this one is nice. Like the composition and clear intention. NO more to crit because the image is a little small for more opinion.


Hi Olivier I`ve always admired your work. Great vertical composition, i find the girl maybe too small for the starting point of view from which your eyes take you upwards to the manor. The subject is delicious. Good luck my friend, I´m eager to see how you continue.,


Nice color sketch Olivier ,
I really like the harmony between each design object you draw, all is re-interpreted, and glue to your style. unique style !
keep it and make a good job :thumbsup:



Thanks everybody…
I see that you all like composition.:thumbsup:
I am going to adjust some details in the design and then begin the artline tomorrow.
Many thanks to all

Ramitxon>>Many thanks, and yes the girl is very small, but I think that it is an important idea in the composition (having a small girl in a very high environment).


Hmmm, well I think you concept sketch is better than most peoples finished work. This is going to be a great piece when your finished with it.


Hi everybody,
Here is the line art.
Some design details have been modified, like the manor (It’s now the first version)
I have work a little bit more trees…So now, let’s go to color…yeah!


Hi everybody,
Here is the first step of my coloring wip.
Nothing special to say… it’s bluuuue!


Hi everybody!
Here is a next step.I have change a little bit the global color; it’s now more green.
But it still have this strange athmosphere…I have add some snow and stones details.the next step will be the castel.


Hi everybody,
Here again one step of my coloring wip…I have to add many details on my castel, but the athmosphere is here!
Not sure with the owl,the more I see it and more I think that it’s too “classic”.this owl is on the foreground so I will see if I can design somethings more interesting.


Impressive dude! Gotta say I really like your piece. It has that wonderful classic feel and is also very engaging. Two thoughts for you; first, I’d really like to see spirally clouds circling the top of the mansion and I thought it might be cool to have some subtle faces carved into the rocks and gate area that are watching the little girl, you know to accentuate the omninous feeling.
Best of luck -thePoet


Many thanks thepoet it’s going to encourage me :).
Your idea of subtle faces carved into the rocks is nice because I think there is not enough small elements to give ominous athmosphere.
Thanks for your comment.


real nice pic there dude



Hey! Many thanks Squibbit!:slight_smile:


Hi everybody,
Here is my next coloring wip.I have added some more details but I still have to work the light around the little girl, the owl in the foreground, the little girl and the sky (pfiou!!!)


love your style, it’s getting better with each new update.