The Journey Begins Challenge (2D) Entry: Olivier Derouetteau


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Latest Update: Final Image: it finally finished


Hi everybody,
Here is my first sketch for the challenge.
I would like to have a really really small and cute character into an impressive and dark environment (That’s why I have forced the focal view…).
The scene will be lightned by the moon in a dark athmosphere blue and cold with tortured trees.
I will probaly add some snow and perhaps a little light as a canddle to the character (it will give hot colours around the main character area).
Now, I must add design details…I hope that you will enjoy this first step.
all comments are welcome.


Wow, Olivier. That is one nice piece! One small suggestion. Reduce the highest tower’s height and frame the upper part of the image with some dead leaves that will prevent the viewer’s eyes from wandering of the frame because you have a very strong upward movement in your image.

This one will be very nice indeed.


Thanks andreasrocha
I have to work on the upper part of the image…
But I really want to have a high house or tower (perhaps only one very high house)
I am going to try some of your suggestions, thanks.:slight_smile:


Hi everybody,
Here is a new sketch with a little bit more details…
The main character is smaller and I have added a light.
I have worked a little bit the trees that are more tortured and are going upper in the way of perspective.I have added many many stairs to have an impressive sensation of height.
The architechture is now more centered in the door axis and have simpliest composition (I think).
And now all comments are always welcome.


Salut olivier (j’vais écrire en français, ça sera plus simple :p)

J’aime déjà beaucoup les premiers croquis. l’univers est bien géré et on comprend directement le sens de l’image. en plus je kiff bien les images dans ce format alongé, avec une belle perspective et un beau grand décors ^^ Bref, c’est un bon départ, j’ai pas trop trop de suggestions à faire pour le moment compte tenu que je ne connais pas exactement l’univers dans lequel évolue le personnage. A première vue, c’est plutôt un environnement assez ‘froid’ dans tous les sens du terme lol - neige, arbres morts, grand manoir, couleurs froides.
bref la seule chose que j’aurai bien vue en plus, si je peux me permettre, ce sont des animaux présents dans le décors sans qu’ils soient trop visibles, j’sais pas… par exemple une chouette sur un arbre. Ca montre que le voyage sera pas si facile, etc. Enfin bon voilà, c’est juste histoire de donner quelques idées, c’est toi qui voit après ^^

En tout cas, je vais suivre l’évolution, le début me plait bien :wink:

Ciao ~~ et good luck


very nice start!! the perspective is amazing – very well done… my legs hurt just looking at it.


Excellent start. i really like long vertical compositions. keep em’ coming.


bravo, what do you have in mind for the character??



[left]Thanks for your comments Le coyote! You’re right; it’s gonna be a cold and dark manor in the snow in a vertical perspective…and you suggest to put some animals in the scene and I think that is a really good Idea (perhaps a owl in the foreground would be a great idea yes! it will give a little “fear” atmosphere). I have drawn some tentaculars plants with eyes down stairs, it a little bit the same idea of having animals.

Thanks Jevinart and SideAche, the vertical perspective is as you said and I think a good choice to have an impressive view.I hope that you will enjoy the next steps…:wink:

Anzibon>> well, I would like to have a little girl as main character (it’s a good contrast with the cold environment’s manor) but I think that it would be interesting that she has perhaps many frightened little cute creatures with her or perhaps a big cute monster ( I am not really sure actually … I am going to draw those 2 ideas, I will show you…)

many thanks :thumbsup:


Hi everybody,
Here is small sketch to find an interesting design for my little manor…
It’s a very High construction between a castle and a dark manor.
all comments are welcome.


Hi Olivier,

I really like your work, and I wasn’t noticed your presence on this challenge since now.
This theme " the journey begin" should be perfectly rendered with your unique style and 2D rendering. I like the manor, and I wait to see your characters. Keep your unique and incredibly stylised work.
Bon pixel :slight_smile:

  • David


Thanks david! that’s very friendly :).
You probably didn’t saw my work because I have started few days ago…
many thanks


Nice work dear friend.
Maybe a funny character in the foreground (with long hears) could be nice (in back light, into the shadows) to improve the feeling that your character has been spyed since she arrived or that the creatures from the castle are waiting for her.
I like also the “Jim Henson” style in your picture.
Maybe the framing could be a little bit more large.
Good luck!


Yes Mr Starbuck, a character in the foreground is a good idea (I thought a owl should be a good idea…but perhaps a little bit too classic)
And for the framing I have to test…because I am not sure, I really like this incredible vertical size.
many thanks my friend!:slight_smile:


Great composition and story-telling in your piece. It has a very classical animation feel to it, and conveys so much of the story purely through composition… I find that impressive.

I would go with the castle design on the left, if you ask me… it seems more interesting.

Can’t wait to see the final image! Good luck!



i prefer the manor on the left. i think from the low angle the little towers protruding out should look very interesting.

i also like the idea of the little companions. sinse we won’t get a great deal of detail that gives us a better idea of the character’s story.

tre magnifique,

PS - sorry if i spelled that wrong. don’t speak french.


I prefer the left manor too! the litlle towers gives a nice design between a casttle and the manor…but I think that had to adapt it to the illustration perspective.


I like the perspective and the iron gates. The toy the child is holding adds to the smallness of the character compared to the place she is thinking of entering.


Hi Olivier…

I really love your composition and the way it leads you from figure all the way up to the mansion.

Great image and looking forward to seeing how this develop… nothing to suggest at this moment in time… :slight_smile: :slight_smile: