The Journey Begins Challenge (2D) Entry: Negoita Alexandru


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Hehe good luck!

I wanna see… sketches :slight_smile:


here`s a first concept sketch…


Great start dude, good luck to you :thumbsup:


Oh yeah, awesome :buttrock:
I wonder where the characters are gonna be. Keep it up! :thumbsup:


thanx taz!
lilcara, i wonder about that too, hehehe :smiley:


Me too XD

but I love your landscape :slight_smile:


The sketch looks great! Love the color scheme. I´ll be watching and waiting for the characters and story. Good luck :slight_smile:


Nice enviroment! Very moody!

Can’t wait till you get some characters in there!! :thumbsup:


bafta :thumbsup:
si good luck


Hy Dominus. good luck from me to!

i waiting for the characters sketch to. (baga mare:D)


still searching…


hey some really nice sketches, keep it going! :thumbsup:


not satisfied with this one either, but trying to get close to the character… for the expression is the key, right? :slight_smile:


That looks nice. Lovely lighting and the composition really leads your eye around wll with all of the curved edges. If you’re concernd about character size, you could even push him closer to the camera too. What will the light be? A torch? Something magic? Or just The Outside? One thing that could be fun is to incorporate the bones from your first post: They were very cool looking, and the shapes could fit in yuor composition well. Don’t know if they fit your backstory, but they look nice… :slight_smile:
Good luck!



wonderful atmosphere and technique – very nice work so far!


thanx walrus for the feedback, you are absolutely right… but, i THINK i found another concept for this challenge… ill upload the sketch later, im more confortable with this new concept. thanx anyway, and also, your Journey looks awsome! :slight_smile:

jevinart, thank you too!


ok, i think ive found what i wanted.. i think this is the sketch ill finish!
the character is just as close to put some feelings on his face.
let me know what you think :slight_smile:


[left]Hi Dominus,

I love dragons and here I love also the perspektive and mood. And background colors are great, so far.

Keep up the good work and much luck!



I love the variety of your concepts, and the faciltity with which you change and conceptualize them. This last one is ceryainly very epic-looking.