The Journey Begins Challenge (2D) Entry: nards castro


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Latest Update: Final Image: THE JOURNEY BEGINS


it started with an idea i draw a cute but a bit nervous character holding a broken umbrella being blown to the wind (sorry for bad english) using a mongol pencil and a eraser.,


black and white


now im starting to color it by layers first i invert my blue channels in “CHANNEL” option in photoshop and using load selection then change the channel option again so to make sure i can get the transparent black OUTLINE out of the flattened Sketch image file.


added color to the pants


added a light flesh color with a bit of colordodge effect and some shadow


This reminds me of ‘a Bugs life’…
nice emotion on his face…


coloring the eye with solid white dots and coloring the headset with medium gray swatches as usual i put a bit colordodge effects on it and burn edges


finishing the character with colors


added clouds to the background


bluring clouds using radial blur option zoom…


THE END hooollah this is my final image
guys. :)thanks for viewing


hey nards26! this is lookin good. I think you have a solid concept/idea goin on here, this has a lot o potential. my only crit is the character. i the design lacks a bit of character, and does not really tell you much of a story behind him. use his clothing, accessories, props, etc to say stuff about him like where he originates (what kind of world is he living in? what time or era is it taking place in?) stuff like that. I also feel that the zoom/blurred clouds do little to help the piece as a whole. think of your color choices as well. i like the leaves, but i feel the scene would be more dramatic with more of em, to portray the strong winds blowing him away. i think you have a great idea here but it lacks emotion. your off to a good start pare, just take your time to think about the little things to help this nice idea. slow down man, heheh we still got a long way to go. :slight_smile:

heres a li’l somethin that might give u ideas.

cheers mate. hope i didn’t type or comment too much. good luck to ya, and have fun on this journey :slight_smile:


FINAL? Already?!

that’s a record! :buttrock:

Someone know what the time was on the old record? :smiley:

Looking good… Nice entry!


This one is also my idea Santa wason her way to deliver gifts to childrens all over the world even though he did not bring her raindeers sleigh
(hope i get the right word) because they are sick and have a flu causes of too much cold weather., Santas is not giving up so instead he took a taxi cab in the north pole? geez how come theres a taxi cab in a north pole’? thats why its called christmas magic! theres no impossible whith santa clause hohohoho…end :stuck_out_tongue:


This one is the continuation of the journey of mr. santa clause it happens that the taxi cab hes riding is out of gas but still hes not hopeless its almost 11:45 quarter to 12:00pm time to celebrate THE CHRISTMAS! and childrens are waiting and waiting for him to come the only way he can do is trusting hes JOURNEY map so kids everytime you go for the journey make sure you bring your map in ur pocket :wink: dont worry the ending of this story santas still find the way and already sent those GIFTS to ALL CHILDREN OF THE WORLD!


This is WIP of Santas Journey actually i did the whole illustration direct to the computer using a wacom pen digitizer., sorry if i did not make any rough sketches


Gudluck to everyone here! hope u have fun and make some awesome ARTWORKS! have a nice day :slight_smile:




whut, u done? talk about not wasting time…

excellent look on santa’s face there :slight_smile: