The Journey Begins Challenge (2D) Entry: Mona Eriksson


looks really beutiful! the colors intensity is perfect …“harmony” of colors!, the messy fur is a great detail…very good work


the story behind…

This journey begins with a flyer in my mailbox… I read it out load to the guinea pigs and told them. Promise, we are going there and buy a lot of food. And then I put the flyer in the paperpile… But they didn´t wanna wait… oh no! They took the matter in there own paws… They wanted to leave right away on the journey…

Next day when I went in the kitchen and saw what they was doing…They was waiting for the parrot to land… So what to do? Nothing. They had their tickets and money so, just have to wish them luck on their journey…


Wonderful image and story Mona!:thumbsup:
Congratulations on your finished work!

  I will from now on start checking the local bookstores and library for “the little travellers” children’s book!

I’m sure it will be a fascinating story, and make you a lot of money!!:slight_smile:


the high res picture is on this link…–> [color=orange]X[/color]


congrats for finishing your work, it looks great mak. see you and tree thumbs up


Wow! Bravo! It looks wonderful, Mona. Congratulations. I’m looking at the high-res and it is such lovely work. The story is delightful too. Good luck, and please let me know if they claim to fly over a sailing rat and mouse


wheee i am so happy you kept going and going, you made such huge improvements and your piece simply is lovely :love: . conngrats on your great work and crossfingers in the final.


Congrats Mona finishing your nice journey image.:slight_smile:


Beelow: I´m done :slight_smile: the final is here…
rattlesnake: thanks a lot… for those nice words :cool:
Try: takk… glad you liked it. and if the book going to be made, you be the first to know… :scream:
alex.h.: thanks and tack… means a lot that you like it. And for you here they are… :thumbsup: :thumbsup::thumbsup:
mdavid: thanks yo too… and that a :deal: if they spot the rat and mouse, they will let you know.
thanks TheFirstAngel and thanks for the help with the grass too… :applause:
thank you FlaminGlow… finally and in the last hour I´m done…



Hey Mona!

Thank you for the lovely post - and sorry i havent been around for a while -been sooo busy everythings slipped by the wayside a bit and only just managed to get my entry in today! I think your final image is looking great! I’m especially impressed because i find painting fur and feathers especially tricky -but youve handled it brilliantly and pulled everything together into a really sweet fun image! Good luck!


Yaaayy!!! Go the fur queen!!! This is such a sweet piece Mona, it has a real story quality to it and I find it really endearing… there is a real sense of closeness between the two GPs and I hope you go the next step with this and start writing… I wanna see Mona Eriksson Published :buttrock:

Congratulations sweet sister, I look forward to playing alongside you next challenge;)


Congratulations on finishing! I just love it. :thumbsup: It is so sweet. So lovely. I agree with DaddyMack! Let’s see you published! :buttrock:


I am pretty tired… I almost sleep, here behind my desktop… but I want to write you few words… I love your Image ´coz I love images with soul. Very well done! Wish you GOOD LUCK Mona! And Thank you for your support :slight_smile:


just beautiful Mona!! and the high res rocks!! loTs of yummy detail . the story is just so cuuute, just like this thread! it’s been really fun being here with the GP QUEEN…can’t wait for your next one.!!


Great job durin the whole journey!
you did it, and I’ m happy to see yuou graduated with honours!
I wish u all the best, everytime better and better! :bounce:
Good Luck mona!


Congrats Mona! Great work - It’s super cute! :thumbsup:

Good luck!


Great job Mona, it turned out super! The DOF works really well and all the details add a lot of fun. Awesome result, good luck with the judges. :slight_smile:


Grattis Mona!
Really fantastic outcome for this - and so much fun to see it develope. Good luck!



I’ve yet to scroll through most of the 2d work, but if yours is any indication, then it must be another crowded field of great skill, ingenious work and stunning adventures.

The brush strokes on fur and feathers show a confident playfulness and your scene exudes a professional illstrative sensibility throughout.

Hopefully the parot can carry your rodents into faraway glory with the judges. :buttrock:

:applause: :thumbsup:


awesome work!!
as i said befoe its been great to see you entry develope and a lot of fun to read your thread…and posts in general…

the concept is cool, fun and amusing and the image tells the story very well…

well done!!