The Journey Begins Challenge (2D) Entry: Mona Eriksson


Greatwork here Mona.
I have to say that all the fur and feathers were well done !


Haha wow. Is it just me or is it mating season. Sorry at first glance thats what it looked like. Very nice rendering though and cool idea!


Mona, the latest updates are excellent. You’ve managed a mix of realism and fluid painting style that is very beautiful. The fur is wonderful. You must be very close to final now


Hi Mona!
HEy it’s looking very good, nice updates:thumbsup:. You got a good sense for details one these last close ups. The parrot is superb and so are the GPs of course! So… no time to rest, time to show the final one hehe! good luck for these last days!!:bounce: :slight_smile:


still not sure if the tree stays or not…


Lemog… [color=lime]shakes… climax:[/color] thanks and merci… and soon the final gonna show at a theater near you… :scream:
FlaminGlow: thanks… a lot… soo nice to hear… :slight_smile:
gpepper: thanks and a lot of feathers and fur it is… :smiley:
domo_arigato: thanks, and its not that kind of season.:eek: they just waiting for the parrot…
mdavid: lovely words… thanks :bounce:
thierry: thanks and guess what… I having some problems with the top of the hedge now… haha… gotta cut it :rolleyes: chop, chop…

back to earase, merge and attemtpts to DOF the background…

CYa :wavey:


that´s it… final coloring


Hi Mona,

Nice to see i finish it… as you know i love this litte GP, the idea is really nice and the realisation is great… you have a cutie image… love it… good luck


looking great!

i want to get them as my pet!!

some stronger shadow/dark under their legs/bellies might be nice…

I…I…I… want to ride!!



Cute and sweet I love flowers the most!!
Now I’m waiting for a story!!


looks great mona- all your hard work is done! the depth of field looks good!


I just noticed where you’ve positioned the bird bath, with the critters around it. Perfect! Also, in this latest version we can still see where you’ve ended the GPs’ shadow along the bottom of the frame. If you could extend that shadow beyond the bottom of the image, or crop that bit off, then I think you’re on a winner


Hello mona!, they look great! only one observation: shadows must be darker at the base of objects and gradually lighter as they go away from the emiter, that would make them appear better, right now the little fellows look like oveerimposed, the shadows will integrate them with the floor and I bet you’ll see the diference :wink:

Hurry up! time is flying now! :stuck_out_tongue:


hi makaron,its been awhile since i visit ur entry,everything turns out fine my friend,just a slight update and ur done,i would suggest that u add some softshadows onto those objects that interacting with the gp to create more depth betweens the characters and the rest of the elements like what climax and cyberone have mentioned:)something like ambient occlusion for 3d terms,create a new layer with overlay or multiply blending mode and overpaint some dark colors on it and its done:scream:love the fur my friend
all the best and thanks alot for the encouragement in my thread


poonks: thanks :bounce: and my turn to snail the last days now… better turn up the speed…
Cyberone: thanks you and if you wanna fly Ninja Airlines just look up in the sky and wait, someday I bet they fly by… :thumbsup:
fgdf: not a surprice that you liked the flowers best… you are the flowerman, arn´t you :slight_smile:
shakes: today is paint in some shadows and fur day… yeah!.. :scream:
mdavid, Climax and MichaelZHee… thanks you so much good Sirs… I take your great advise and place myself in the land of shadows today… :deal:

CYa :wavey:


Morning Mona!

Time is running now, so… chop,chop:D . I’m looking forward to discover your work in the shadow land, everything else seems to be fine for me, a good decision to let the tree in, I like it…Now I’m waiting for the final!

Have a nice day!:wavey:



shadows update


Your entry has been fun to follow and to comment. You really have improved yourself tremendously on the way. This has been your own journey too I believe. Congrats for this great picture Mona, see you soon again!:thumbsup: :bounce: Chop chop!:cool:


daWinky: soon, very soon… the parrot is coming in for a landing…:bounce:

thierry: thanks a lot daMan… see you around… :thumbsup:

CYa soon… :wavey:


Mona, hurry, your almost there! Good luck waiting to see your final!:thumbsup: