The Journey Begins Challenge (2D) Entry: Mona Eriksson


I have to do the parrot all over again, since I messed up the savings on that one… and been doing the eye today, I want him in a… hey! I´m a bird, don´t blame me if I´m not to smart- for his look… and still a lot of featherwork do be done.


Mona! Hi there, thank you so much for my adorable pm this morning…definitely made me smile. :slight_smile: Well, I have to apologize for my lack of chearing on the boards lately…got caught up in the Workshop and since then have become really lazy…:blush:…but am really happy to see you going strong here, and I can’t wait to see your final result! :bounce:

Cheers, :slight_smile:



new curtins


love the parrot face mona…fantastic! one thing- you might want to try a different color for curtains- it matches parrot too much, and you really want parrot to stand out boldly! a different curtain shade would frame parrot and GPS perfectly, I think!


color? shape? help!.. any ideas on what color and shape on the curtins that will bring out the parrot?


Maybe add some blue and green feathers to the parrot too. Also some colors to break up the white around the eye.


Hi !

I’ll try to help…

Some ideas without order:

  • The parrot and especialy the parrot’s left wing should not stick that way to the curtains. Same for the basket top limit that is on the same line as the green plan top limit, flattening the reading of the area.
  • Perphaps you can try to paint transluscent curtains.
  • Or just perhaps paint the curtain with less importance on the left, that would create more space around the parrot.
  • U can bring more volume to the fellow in the foreground.
  • The bird’s tale can go lighter and lighter

I’ d like to be more precise but my limited english language won’t allow it :confused:

Good work.



I like top right the best mona(green) second fave is bottom left(grey). looks really good…parrot and GP stand out nicely!


The best for me is the last one… dark red… it’s more dramatic, I know, not fro sure the most original, but this dark color and this shape open the glance toward this Journey… particulary adapted :thumbsup: nice work Mona… :applause:


I like the dark reddish curtains…repetition of colour adds to the integration appeal of an image…I think it would look best if the curtains don’t become the place where your eyes rest…focal point.


I like the red/brown too, it reminds me of a Rene Magritte painting somehow. I like Magritte.


Some really nice updates here Mona! I love the detail for the lower left corner … wonderful!
Sorry for being late here again… my vote goes with the lower right too - the vivid colors works well and connects fine with the parrot.
Den här blir kanon - grattis :thumbsup:


i agree with that color combination too!:bounce:

and i must say that the scene is looking very cool…i really like the armonic and beautiful coloring…youre doing a really good job:applause:


I’m voting for the lower right (dark brownish-red) too. Nice and dramatic, and it frames the image with a colour that matches the scene. As for the shape, the lower right seems to lack a reason for them to be drawn so much open on the left side. It doesn’t look as natural as the way they hang in the other versions. It sure is great seeing it all coming together like this. Must be getting close now


Hey Mona,

just have seen the latest updates - a little late again here:blush: - and I like the coloring of the lower left corner most…and the shape of the lower right corner:) ! Now you have very different votings, it seems to be very much a matter of personal taste…it’s up to you and I’m curious to see the next update!

Have a nice weekend!:wavey:



I like the yellow-green ones on the top right :slight_smile: think it adds the nicest accent to the picture. Great updates here!


Hey Mona! Honestly I like 'em all! : )

Love the painterly style too. Cheers!


Hi Mona, personaly i prefer the red color, it give more contrast with the background, my favorite one is the number 5 :bounce:

Keep it up !!


Hello Mona!
What a change you’ve made since my last visit, so Ninja will not be there after all? :sad:
Well the parrot is just wonderful! I tend to prefer the last one of your curtain tests, because it’s darker and it’s framing the field a bit better, but maybe you could use a different hue so that it doesn’t conflict with the parrot’s color. Da man says, this rocks… euh… this reggaes! :smiley: :cry: :wink:


Hiya Mona! How´s life on this side? Progressing very well I see… Love the last dark red because of shapes too… But that dark grey one looks good as well. Keep going :thumbsup: