The Journey Begins Challenge (2D) Entry: Mona Eriksson


Your animals and concept sketch look really good. Just better hurry up and get to modeling, we have about 27 days left…YIKES!


Hey Mona, really extraordinary work with the birds…looking forward to seeing more! Good luck.


LOL, yer killin me… You may want to scroll up to the top where it says 2d. :slight_smile:

Looking good Mona, loads of great work since I was last in. The birds and the fur look super.


Those little birds and squirrel are superb. Great addition to the scene. All this detail will look excellent in the final high-resolution image


Great work with the birds here! Talgoxar is my favourites, have plenty of them around :slight_smile:

And the little white one, sticking up his head is charming!


Hey Mona! Heh this is the first time I’ve posted back on here in like forever and I’m so lost O_o so when I spotted your thread on the challenge forum front page I had to have a peek :D. Lovely progress, I love the flowers.


Morning Mona!:wavey:

I’ve really missed something since my last visit! I haven’t seen this fur close up before, just great! :thumbsup:
And you’ve decided to go with the birdbath, very good!
Some cute little fellows there, even more feather work for you:scream: … They already look very convincing and alive - I like this birdie cleaning his feathers, nice detail!
…and now I’m curious to see how they fit in the scene:bounce: .

Have a nice day!



Morning… these birds are a sweet addition… each time your project grow with interesting touches… so good… have a nice day Mona :wavey:


hello…birdbath is going great, very complete one…i think is very cool idea the sculpture on it, that shows that you really like details.
pose on the birds is very good too, no crits from my side…your painting skills are great!


Hey, Mona, looking good! I love the bird poses on the birdbath. Especially that one preening her (his?) wing - Our bird looks just like that when she preens! :slight_smile:
I know you’re still working on the b irdbath, so I’m sure you’ve already got this covered, but right now it’s a bit hard to read the depth of the top of the bath: It looks like the black winged bird is standing right next to the preening bird, when in fact, looking at their feet shows they’re far apart on the top rim. Maybe mving the black-wing right a bit so it’s not on a tangent but partly behind the preener? Anyhow, just a thought…

oh, and thank you so much for the great GP photos, haven’t had a chance to show them to Talia yet. I told her about them, and she told me about walking around the lake and seeing baby ducklings, newly hatched around here. Doubt I’ll make it to the lake to send a photo, but if I do, I’ll let you know! :slight_smile:



Sorry, mona it’s been a min since, I have been, nice progress on ur entry! It is getting close to deadline hehe good luck!:thumbsup:


Mona, where is your fun furry thing going? When is it going to arrive? Does it know? I love it…your avatar is the most fun and catchy on these boards.

Wonderful birds – your painting style really handles feathers well. Excellent work. Good luck


Plenty of awwww for you Mon’ !!

I bet you’re gonna hammering some fur until the end … w00t !

You rock !

cheers ,



the left down corner


the down right corner…


Really lovely stuff, Mona. All the critters and flowers have a consistent dreamy feel about them which works really well. I like that invitation with the bit cut out of it too. Who’d have thought GPs have such sophisticated social lives? Reflections on the vase and the woodgrain on the bench work really well too. No crits from me. Just keen to see more. This is looking excellent


Morning Mona!

I hope you had a sunny weekend:) …
Great to see the bird bath in place! It works really well here:thumbsup:

Have a great start in the week:wavey:



looking beautiful, Mona- nice detail of the coupon! the birdbath and flowers look just great!


Marvellous new stuffs Mona… llittle details are always welcome, and especially pleasant for our eyes… good work Mona… the GP’s power is in you :thumbsup:


Looking good Mona. I like the birdbath but I think it could use a little more going over with a finer brush so it matches a little closer to the level of finish that the birds have.