The Journey Begins Challenge (2D) Entry: Mona Eriksson


It’s looking fantastic, Mona. I definitely like the clarity now that the lamp post is no longer behind the basket. I also like how the window frame, curtains and flowers frame the composition. It makes the indoors look really cosy and contrasting well with the outdoors


Hi Mona! Contrast in the basket looks better now, I see the bird too dark, try to “bounce” some light from the flor on him, when you put the lamps back on, move aside the one behind the bird, it creates a “merge of figures” try to balance the overall contrast, allways when painting look at your canvas with the eyes almost closed, so you see better dark and bright areas, then you conpensate the volumes where need it, play more with darker shadows in the first plane, they bring up your subjects of interest:thumbsup:
I am not trying to be a smart guy :), just give opinions of what i see, but the look of your paint must come deep from your heart, when you feel happiness with your work then you know you are doing right no matters what other say. :beer:
See ya later!


that looks great Mona! better without lamp post- and makes the city more visible, which is good, coz the city is a nice contrast to the nature you have here. would be good to replace tree with something, although I liked your tree! a bird bath is a great idea, and I like the idea of lotsa birdies!!


Hey Mona, really like your imaginative menu and boarding ticket (“Do not chew on the lines…” etc.) Might want to use Photoshop’s burn tool to slightly alter and age the colors of these items. (Sometimes the burn and dodge tools work really well rounding out characters with hair by adding shading and highlights in a simple quick manner, too.)

Great work! Looking forward to seeing more…


Hi makaron,
I realy like your sensibility for light, texture and value of colours. I specialy like fur on those two hamsters and transparency of vase. Maybe, it’s just one sugestion, you may draw gentle refraction through the vase.
Good luck, and I hope we’ll see soon some more.


thank you all for the comments I got… I´m really happy for the pointers and tricks you share :slight_smile:
I have two versions now of this image, one with the tree and one with the birdbath… leaning towards the birdbathversion as it looks like now…
haven´t done so much work on it for a week now, but today I have picked up the work again and starting on the last touch on the fur… one GP is almost done, two GPs to go…

an example how the fur looks like for now is this…

so better get back to it…

fur you all later. ops… I mean

CYa :wavey:


Yeah ! The composition is larger that I was thinking ! I understand better the topic now. Great job Mona ! :thumbsup:


Great work on fur! much better now !
SC :slight_smile:


nice furry stuff mona! love that colour


(Sacha 7) Very cute Mona ! I like the Guineapigs ! :bounce:


Oh dear - I haven’t been in this part of of the challenge for ever… and surely missed a lot of things! I really like how it looks without the lampposts - great change!
Your fur work is absolutely nutty - but you knew that already :smiley:
Go on now, let’s see some painting :bounce:


same thing here :blush:
But you’re doing so great with this !! so much progress over here !

You rockin’ fur maker !! just enjoying the work …in front of my screen , as a Gp in fact ! :scream:

cheers ,



the fur rocks mate mak, more updates sone ? see you and three tumps up,
smilies dont work for me any more ???


wow extraordinary fur! hard work to achieve that great result huh? is looking totally awesome:buttrock:


a couple of windows on the houses, a little work on the sky, and a birdbath, at least a very early start one.


two of the birds is getting ready to take bath…


great updates mak, like the bird that clean itself, see you and keep them coming


gpepper: thanks for looking by…
fgdg: furry many thanks…
shakes: thank you sir, and more color to come…
scootermaya and Sacha: happy you 2 like the critters…
thanks Gunilla: you know, nice people arrives late… haha
and Zapan, you eating peanuts again I see…
thanks rattlesnake… and still more fur to come…
thank you alex.h: and here, you can borrow my :thumbsup:


upgrade on the birdbath…


beautiful birdies mona! and the mischievous squirrel…how cute!