The Journey Begins Challenge (2D) Entry: Mona Eriksson


Aaahhh, and happy easter back to Ninja and you and Ginny… have a great holiday, Mona - mycket ägg :slight_smile:


Happy Easter to you and your GPs, Mona, and greetings from the cats:D !



I haven’t stopped in here for a few days, just wanted to say beautiful job on the fur so far, happy easter to you too :slight_smile:


happy easter to you too mona, ninja and all GPs. that little ninja is beyond cute:scream::):bounce::D:applause:


big happy easter to you Mona!!


I love the hair and the eye on this one Makaron!!! Good luck!


This is coming out greatly :slight_smile:


changes the basket, again…


basket looks very good mona…nice work! I’d think about getting rid of left hand streetlamp, as it clashes with parrot. and the little rock by the hedge just above light coloured GP…looks like an insect on his nose!
the hedge looks really good too.


I agree with shakes about the lamp post, plus don’t forget about the form shadow of the basket- in fact, I think you should try and push the lights/shadows more overall in the picture- try playing around a bit with the lightness/contrast sliders and see what could be improved there?

Keep going, it’s turning out really well! :thumbsup:

Happy Easter!


lol the little Samurai Guinea Pog is brilliant - I love his hair style. :thumbsup:

EDIT: Of course I meant to say Guinea Pig not Pog.


Yes, I suppose I agree with Shakes about the lamp post too, but I also agree that the new basket is a winner. It looks fit and ready for the job and is starting to look all very believable.


testing testing… without lamppost and tree… and more shadows to the basket…
maybe something else but the tree, a birdbath? or a gardengnom? then I can add a lot of cute birds… :smiley:


First let me say, I love when people use animals in their pictures, this one is no exception. Maybe you could extend the top of the picture, raise the cityscape in the background so we see more of it, and perhaps make it so the lighscolored gerbil/hampster is angled more towards the background. Anyway really great concept, and I love the colors, and the flowers on the right. Keep it up.


great work mate mak, keep going…see you later…and 3 thumbs up…


Hi there Mona, the update is looking really excellent! :applause: I especially like the details you’ve put into the basket. Also I like the idea of adding a birdbath, it would not only give you the option to add “a lot of cute birds” but it might fit in well with your theme. Once the parrot comes in for a landing it could refuel with a drink. :shrug:
Oh and by the way you’re starting to sell me on the idea of a GP. :wink:

Matt :slight_smile:


nice update…the basket is looking much better now…and your idead about bird bath is quite interesting…gogo!


The composition is clearer now, good idea to try it out! The birdbath sounds good to me, with more bird? wow …that’s promising! :thumbsup:
Yeah that basket rocks!:bounce:
Have a nice day!


Hey ! I’m not getting any more “newpostmail” for your tread … I’m must have done something wrong. Sorry!
About those street lamps, are you planning to add the tree on the right as originally planned? Because I think it would be nice to have the lamp partially covered with it and it will a bit increase the perspective.
Otherwise, I looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove your basket !:thumbsup:
I looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove your parrot
I looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove your pilot

Good luck.



hi . it is nice .watch mine and tell me your idea