The Journey Begins Challenge (2D) Entry: Mona Eriksson


I love this little GP

Really nice work with the fur
Keep it up :thumbsup:


Thanks for this close-up so pretty… :thumbsup:


hey , the last update just before the close up is looking great, colors look better, i like the way youre heading to…and well close up shows the great patientiece u have for painting the details.i like that, great job! great fur!


Quite interesting. Yellow creature looks wet d=)
Don’t throw anything at me, please dх)


Great work on that one Mona, it looks so nice!:applause: My only comment would be on the glasses, they look like they could gain some solidity by straightening some of your strokes on the sides of the glass pieces. It seems these are parts that don’t need to be as organic as the rest. What ya think?
The eye looks very alive:cool: good job, chop chop! keep that brush moving!


Hey Mona, you’ve got a lot of wonderful updates here! :arteest:I especially like all of the detail that you’re putting into their fur, you do have the cutest GPs around! :applause:

Matt :slight_smile:


I need some awwww lately so there I am !!

A big huge endless awww on the little cutie !!
He seems he wants to give somebody a kiss … or asking for peanuts … or maybe waiting for a gp ninja riding a parrot …

…,…;.! …:… …,. … ? … … . …, … … !! yeah ! :thumbsup:

cheers ,



Really cool work on the fur. I really like the way you’ve done the eye too. Great to see your work up close


thanks Scootermaya :slight_smile:
and thanks you too individium
and thanks Shakes and Sabrina
and Poonks and Lemog thanks…
rattlesnake… thanks
thank you Vladius, and don´t you worry, I don´t throw things at people… haha :smiley:
thanks thierry, but? me? straight lines :eek: but I can´t even draw a straight line with a ruler on paper… but gonna try…
thank you mmbenya
Zapan: … . …, …!
mdavid thank you sir…

[color=lightblue]CYa :wavey: [/color]


very very very cooooool


:bowdown: O mighty fur queen… You have surpassed us all:bowdown:



Mona your work is so original and so cool.
Guinea Pigs forever :thumbsup:

Squeek Squeek!


Looks fantastic Mona. I’m fasinated with your obsession with the GP!


Hi Mona, the last image looks lovely you are working on one part each time, you make everyone so anxious like that to see your full image,… :thumbsup:


thanks Simonas:cool:
thanks Daddymack:blush:
squeek right back at you Womgoose:stuck_out_tongue: and thanks
thanks 3D_Explorer… say hi to your worms from me… :surprised
thanks FlaminGlow… yeah… piece by piece… haha… :arteest:

and I have a message from one of my guinea pigs, Ninja



Well I’m sure you do but do GP’s eat chocolate eggs ? :curious: :scream:


Your work is very unique in this challenge. The little guys are so cute, and the elements so appropriate to the scene.

Happy Eastern to you too!



Hallo Mona! :slight_smile:

I see lots of cute updates in my spamming absence…:D…in truth I have just been feeling guilty for not updating my own thread :smiley: ~ but it’s great to see your hard work here, and I can’t wait to see the outcome!

Cheers, :slight_smile:



Happy Easter for Ninja… and his blond mother… and of course… all the pretty GP’s on earth :scream: :thumbsup:

This little crazy hairy guy always make me laugh :smiley: :applause:


Happy easter to you and your GPs !