The Journey Begins Challenge (2D) Entry: Mona Eriksson


nice work makaron, i like the nightingale and his home so good.:drool:


good update…:bounce::thumbsup: keep going !


talgwoxeee-er, that’s a tongue curler… probably not!
LOVE the little squirrels on the tree! and lampshades are really well done, too.


Aww I love the little GP peeking around the tree :love:


done some tweaking to the ticket and the fur, to make her more “fat”… still have some textures on the backpack and nose and claws to do…


Hey, I like the fur of the guy!hehe I´d put more hair over the rope of his back to hide it a little bit.:slight_smile: to increase the volume


she’s adorable mona…you are the FUR QUEEN of course!


Just superbe… this fur is so much furry… and I know that :scream:

You continue to make lot of progress Mona… so great :thumbsup:


Ah, I feel very honored:bowdown: ! A little invasion of squirrels there…but the tree is already well done. I’m not sure if it’s a good idea that the lanterns are on, not matching the general light:shrug: ?!
And even a new furry update:thumbsup: , just great, I agree with John: You are the fur queen!

Have a nice weekend!



So sweet! This is coming along beautifully! :smiley: Wonderful colours, great work on the characters :thumbsup:


Aw, Mona, this is adorable! I love all the details you’ve worked out so far, especially the little critters behind the tree, they’re so cute! And the plane ticket is really well done and a nice human touch. keep up the good work!


changed the GP in the back to a darker shade


la mésange charbonnière… hmmm. I can try to say that… lucky that no one hear me here now… haha Lemog
rattlesnake… I´m going I´m going… :stuck_out_tongue: thanks…
happy you like the bird FlaminGlow, I have some more birds planed later…
Shakes the lampposts gonna be worked with some details later on, wanna have them a bit oldfasion as contrast to the modern city behind… like the GPs living in a suburb…
Womgoose: happy you like the guy behind the tree… it raises the cuteness level those critters
thanks GonzaloGolpe and more fur over the ropes is gonna be in…
shakes: the fur queen is on it… now the back GP that getting some new fur…
and Lemog… thanks… and fur, fur, furry fur… haha… here we go again…
Sabrina: lookie I got an update again… and I turn the lamps off too… :blush:
thanks enialadam… so nice too hear you like it…
hallo Zephyri and many thanks… and it that I wanna reach, the human touch but not too much…

Back to it and CYa :wavey:


looking great all together! one little thing Mona…the little package containing the coins looks the same colour as back GP-you may want to have more of a contrast?


I know Shakes, the back GP, he got some kind of carrot-colors now… hehe… but changes on the backpack is noted :slight_smile: more shadows and textrures.
the to do list is getting loooong here now… :rolleyes:


Hoooooooo … this is sooo cute !
Keep it up Mona. I like it a lot


fur upclose… not sure yet if it´s gonna be this dark tho.


watching your post is lots of fun:) and furs look good.

haha they really are cute i can think of how they move.:scream:

good luck


lovely closeup mona…looks beautiful!


Hey Mona!:wavey:

This close up looks already very good, just great work on the fur:thumbsup: !

Have a nice, furry day!