The Journey Begins Challenge (2D) Entry: Min


I’m fascinated by the clouds, those colors… ! :arteest:

No words to say, just Congrats!


Holy… I love it!
You have a way with colors.


Holy crap Min! So that’s what happens when you focus your attention! I always suspected as much, sicne your quicks are brilliant.


I really like the composition and the colors are beautiful.
Good luck.


Minssee- I am proud of you . wipes small tear of pride
This is a really beautiful peice - it would make a great print. I have a good feeling you are gonna win something with this one. You truly deserve it.
If I had to be nitpicky (and it’s only cause we are homies and I can go hardass on ya) is that I would have gotten more form out of the character. But like I said…that’s me being a pain in the ass. It’s a great piece and you should be proud.
I gotta finish mine now…:slight_smile:


one of the most beautiful piece i have seen in this challenge:)congrates u on finishing the image and my best wishes to u:)good luck


loooomer, ta! how you doing mate? :slight_smile: thanks for the crit and encouragements, eeeee, how’s life in NY? how come I don’t see you in AIM anymore? Love your wacky entry by the way. I am so glad I bothered to wrap this entry… cheers mate! send me more emails with the goodies!

SideAche, thanks!

AWaqas, ahh, heh thanks mate.

Kraull, cheers!

chinabear, thanks and good lukc to you too!

Tyranx, cheers mate, good luck with your entry!

BlackDidThis, thanks yeah I did think about flipping hard and long, but I think this actually reads a bit better. :slight_smile: cheers

Rebeccak, hey how’s things? thanks for dropping by, yeah it was a bit unclear before, hell it’s still a little unclear now, it one of the thing I regret not being able to pour more hours into the character and the leaf boat… sigh hehe I am content that I wrapped it up though, I hardly ever do that… How did you go with yours? I been looking but couldn’t quite find it. cheers,

beelow, hey :slight_smile: thanks mate. yeap i think I will be up for the next one too, it is kinda fun. Good lukc with yours too, I better go and leave me mark. BTW looking forward to the last man standing? I noticed your name there.

adrixwha, thanks! :slight_smile:

ogar555, thanks you

erilaz, hey martin, how’s things mate? cheers for the nice words. I think being patient is the biggest fight on every big piece you ever do. I fail most of time. sigh hehe. BTW what’s happening with this week’s melbourne sketch group? oh and good lukc in LMS #2!

Kuroart, cheers

loooomer, hey scotty… AGAIN!! :slight_smile: yeah I know what you mean, I had nightmares about not giving the little chick more… shame on me for leaving this till the last minute… hehe.

MichaelZHsee, thanks!


Hey Min! - I meant to comment before - but I was really busy trying to finish mine!

This is definitely one of my favourites! - I have a real soft-spot for clouds - and these are super nice!!!

Beautiful work - I wish you luck! :slight_smile:


Wow! Now that is gorgeous!


Yeap I am in thunderdome! I got my work in progress for that one, got about a month to work on that one hehe, I am about halfway finished with that one already!:smiley: Wait to see what you do over that way!:thumbsup:


great atmosphere in your scene bumskee! the colors cool too. :thumbsup:

congratulations and good luck


These Clounds and these colors are Fantastic!! Marvelous sky!!
Congratulations!! And Good Luck!!


Congrats on finishing - really beautiful work on those clouds! :slight_smile:



Beautiful simplicity! Less is definetely more! The colour variance does give a sense of depth here! Nice work and congratulations! All the best to you!


Hey Min! didn’t know you were on CGTalk :slight_smile: this is an amazing piece, I’m really in awe. Good luck!


I like it…great clouds!


I know you’ve heard this a million times already, but I need to say it to; amazing colours you have on this piece!! The clouds are stellar. Best of luck in the chalange :slight_smile:



very bold. good luck man,


amazing colours, one os my favorites until now =)

i wish u best of luck ^^


Love those clouds!:thumbsup: