The Journey Begins Challenge (2D) Entry: Min


I realize the change u made since u start posting ur work it’s a big jump the light and the invironment the boat design the camera angle it’s so great …I hope I can do some thing like that good luck.


That’s a winner sketch right there. Love the colors, good comp. I would like to hear a little about the story…

Keep it up


Yo bumskee,

How's it going, man? Its good to see a familiar name in the competition. Your stuff is looking really strong... kicking my butt with these great comps. Guess I'm gunna' have to pick up the effort to keep up with your painting skills. Very impressive stuff. Keep up the good work. 



It’s really awesome Min, good luck!


excellent. Nothing to crit. just do it.


nice style- really interesting idea.
good luck!


man Min - this is looking beautiful. It’s gonna be one of your best pieces ever…I know it!
(how’s that for added pressure :wink: )
cheers mate!


What a really nice piece and I like the contrasting colours the pinks and the blues.


wow looks great. I think this is your best sketch, I love the color and light. Keep going, It looks like one of the finalist images.


this is fantastic,it looks all good since the very 1st concept,especially the latest.u have a great control of the brushes and the balance used of colors.:thumbsup:


I like ur color pallet and the brush strokes give it a nice feel to the painting good luck with it!:thumbsup:


ooo better get cracking.


The colours need some adjusting I think. Better get onto it.


welcome back bumskee, good luck! Nice colors!:thumbsup:


for me the colors are just beautiful. i can almost smell the oil :wink:



excellent. love the emotion of your picture.


love it, love… it.



Beautiful image! I love the colors.Great lighting. I look forward to seeing this done!


Wow, it’s really beautiful sky. I love the colours. :slight_smile: Good luck!


Great work Min…

I’m a big fan of clouds and these are looking spectacular!!

Love the colours and lighting too…keep up the great work… :slight_smile: :slight_smile: