The Journey Begins Challenge (2D) Entry: Min


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Latest Update: Final Image: above the clouds


Just a sketch to kick start this. :slight_smile: I am going to aim for a really dark mood, more sketches to come.


nice, nice, I’m liking it!! Bring on the dark mood… :thumbsup:


Heya bumskee!!! Great to see you entering the Challenge! Best of luck! :thumbsup:

Cheers, :slight_smile:



great first sketch!! i liked the atmosphere, excellent work! :twisted:

good luck


mmm… really nice starting feeling…

i really like the darkness…hope you can keep a similar feeling with the color added on this one…



wow, really nice mood there!
is that the river Styx and the Charon leading a soul?


Glad to see you here bumskee! Good start and good luck!


WOW ! great sketch doode ! i love the atmosphere ! keep it this way ! Good luck ! I’ll keep an eye on ya !:scream:


Beautifull mood. But it’s up to colors, wright? Can’t wait to see what’s gonna happen next here…

Best regards and big respect

Khan alias Chupacabra

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Hi mate! I like your work, I saw some of your works on :slight_smile: Great sketch, fantastic atmosphere in it :thumbsup:


Just another doodle, lighter this time, can’t quite picture a scene yet… But will probably work more on the leaf boat + feather more to come.

Thanks guys, :slight_smile: first time entering a challenge, hehe, planning on doing more sketches and see how I can work this out.

Rebeccak, hello, how you been? :slight_smile: I better check out what’s been happening at anatomy forum. thanks!

Dominus, ahh I didn’t think that far but yeah it could work with it! :slight_smile: cheers

Yadam, hey, :slight_smile: see some familiar names from CA, good luck to you too!

rawwd, oooo, thanks mate, really loved your weeklies at CA. :slight_smile: cheers!


WOW, man that reminds me of something out of zelda, I LOVE this concept!


Great concept sketch! I forsee great things to come from this thread. :slight_smile:


Doodling away, another concept, I think it’s getting there, needs more depth. cheers


I liked the atmosphere and depth of the last concept, the blues really gave it this wonderfull feel! The strength of your last concept was also the fact that you didn’t know what was comming next, it acctually built the tension and still gave you that feel of a journey!

You got good skills though, good luck!


your latest sketch is just beautiful. great atmosphere, very magical. lookin forward to seein more of your works!


beautiful concept…I hope you go with it :slight_smile:


Wow. Fantastic view from up there.


so much atmosphere … love it love it love it!