The Journey Begins Challenge (2D) Entry: Michal Matczak


Im lovin the concept!!


AWaqas - thanks :slight_smile:

Have a hard time choosing one, but sonn ther will be an update. :slight_smile:


I am interested in the baby idea still. Try working different compos out for that one!:slight_smile:


Przypomina mi to Katedre, faajne :applause:

Looks great so far, thers a good mood here :thumbsup:

Good luck and have fun :bounce:


Bryce - will dig it, it kinda has some potential. Got the image in my mind, just to find time to put it onto paper/digital canvas… :slight_smile:

Nomad - thanks for good words :slight_smile: It’s not nearly as good as Cathedral, but it might have some of this mood in it…


Yeah simple but nice. I like the style of the tree and the black/white color. Are you going to add color??


snowman - thanks :slight_smile: I will colour it for sure, but I’m still thinking of choosing a different idea for the competition…


Hi MIke

I’ve just looked at your thread and going through it is a great journey in intself. You have had some great concepts on the way. I loved the dramatic sky with the guy and his shoes. The new life or birth concept really appealed to me. It’s not far away from the concept I’m using for my entry (the link is below).
I’ll be keeing an eye on the development of your ideas. Best of luck with it, whatever you end up with looks like it’ll be great.



EdP-Art - thanks, you could say it was a journey of some kind :D… I’ve come up with lots of ideas, posted here better ones in my opinion… still need to decide which one to choose. Noone will do it for me, unfortunatelly… :frowning:
I’ve seen your concept. Yeah, we both came up with similiar ideas, but shown in a totally different way. :slight_smile: It’s really hard to come up with some original idea in so numerous community, so I think a lot of ideas will repeat to some degree. But that’s unavoidable, I think. We just have to try not to be suggested by other’s art and stick to our own ideas. Will be good, I think. The most important is to have fun and lear with it. :slight_smile:


Come on… don’t you stop now… still waiting for sum updates!! :bounce: :smiley:


I didn’t stop… I’m just buried up to my nose in work :slight_smile: Will post soon. Sorry for keeping you waiting. :slight_smile:


Nice work here man:buttrock:

Narodziny - zajefajny koncept
Good luck


haha mike you better make some time soon mate. i want to see this loose knot tied already!


Hey, Slav :slight_smile: I WILL certainly do finish the work, even if I’ll sit nights till deadline. I just got tons of freelance work, that simply takes away all of my free time + exams + tons of different things…

Thanks for dropping by and making me kick myself to work :smiley: I owe you one, when we meet :slight_smile:

Beer I mean, of course :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:


:slight_smile: :slight_smile: Great Work Michal…

Real nice sense of scale - I really hope you finish this…

I’m struggling with freelance work too so I know how you feel…

Good Luck!!

:slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Hey - love the concept sketch - beautifully painted and clear story. Will look forward to the final piece if you manage to complete - or rather when! Goodluck with the wee small hours,

Q :slight_smile:


Quill, Freeman - thank you very muchlee for the feedback :slight_smile: I will definitelly try to finish the concept before the deadline.


Unfortunatelly - too busy to finish it in time, but I will. I hope to send it into the “finished ones” gallery. Thank you all for the constant input and see you in the next one! ( I hope )


that’s a shame. early on i thought your concept of the guy on the porch was one of the stronger compositions. i hope you get a chance to finish that one in particular. even outside of the context of the contest, it’s a really strong image.



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