The Journey Begins Challenge (2D) Entry: Michael Olszak


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Latest Update: Concept Sketch: idea’s


Welcome to the challenge!

Good luck!


Welcome to this challege
Good luck, see you around


Wow thanks dudes. this is actually my first (at least first one i’m going to do my best to finish)!!

Here are some quick idea’s i came up with.


Please tell me what you guys think. It would help me a lot doing this.

Thanks in advance.


hahaa just waited for someone to shoot at that type of the journeys beggining…potentials in colors are amazing, it all depends on the execution i guess, best of luck:thumbsup:


Nice ideas, hehe, you enter deeply in theme :slight_smile:


I prefer first sketch, even if, by now, it’s not a very new idea. :stuck_out_tongue:
Indeed, it’s very in the spirit of a ‘small character begin a long journey’.

Good luck !


Thanks guys. i have some more and will sketch then at home tonight. i’ll upload them ASAP


Yep, first sketch could be interesting with the right coloring…
Man, your characters are small! :smiley:


hey !

je hebt al hele leuke ideeen!
ik vind die bovenste het vetste :stuck_out_tongue:

veel geluk verder



yeah~thats indeed a begining of a journey~neb and michael were right about the color~it could be interesting:)


Hey Kamjar Fadai: bedankt. leuk om Nederlanders tegen te komen op zo’n Forum. Jou idee ziet er super vet uit.
Ik zie dat je al meer ervaring help met Digital Painting. Jou werk is echt Amazing !! Heb je geen website??

Voor mij is het de eerste poging. ik ga mijn best doen. ik zal je thread in de gaten houden, ben erg benieuwd.

sh@ke : I like this idea the best too. don’t know if i’ll be doing this one though. i’ll do some more sketches, see what more i can come up with and we’ll see. indeed it could be a very interesting one to do.


here are some more idea’s i’ve got. my girlsfriend actually thought of the first one. i found it to be a very cool idea so maybe i’ll use it.


Ok let me explain a bit.

#1. a turtle has just hatched from his eeg and is on his way to the ocean. but of course the birds are a dangorous factor here. Will he make it???

#2. a very depressed dude can’t wait to make the trip to the other side. Maybe things are better there!!!

#3. LSD Trip! that’s a very special kind of journey!!!

Please let me know what you think. any crits are very welcome.

THX in advance.



Meer medelanders yeeeaaw, hehe!!
Maar ik zal het bij engels houden zodat de rest het ook kan volgen :stuck_out_tongue:

Man and I was typing out this whole story that you should explain those sketches more so it would be easier for us to give some usefull c&c, I hit the preview button and I see you just post an explenation d’oh! :stuck_out_tongue:

Personally I think the turtle concept is the strongest, the others are cool too but they might be to deep to understand the theme by just looking at the picture, with theme I mean ‘the journey’ of course, I’m sure everyone would see a person about to shoot his brains out.
Anywho, great start and keep those ideas flowing man! :thumbsup:


welcome to the challange!! starting early i see…good luck!:thumbsup:


my thought is nr 1, in both story and image :slight_smile:


Hey Michael… I think the first one is the most interesting one in terms of idea and visualization!!! Good luck and I’ll be keeping an eye on your progress! :slight_smile:


OK Dudes. i think i’ll indeed go for the first one (i have no idea how to start though)
maybe i’ll do both the first and the third (turtle), if i won’t get depressed or something.

I’ll post an update ASAP.

PS. I’ll be doing a lot of Painting tutorials from now on. Have to nail it down.
wish me luck.