The Journey Begins Challenge (2D) Entry: Michael Dashow


Back from vacation…

Hi, everyone! Thanks for the notes!

Slav - Thank you!

Cliff - Good seeing you around for another one, too, and definitely see you around for more…!

Angel- Glad to have you around for support for this one, too. Thanks!

iamawizard - thanks, but i think you got the tense wrong: I don’t make artwork at Blizzard, I made artwork at Blizzard. I’m not there any longer, just spent too long spinning my wheels on many projects that never saw the light of day, which got a bit tiresome. But glad you liked what I did while I was there. (As well as this piece, of course!)

Tuck - Thank you very much!

individium - Great, I’m glad to hear that you got something out of my thread, that’s really whe whole point. Thanks!

Vader - Thank you, glad you like it.

Dalton - Thank you!

Kornel - That’s really kind of you to say, thank you very much.

catch you all later… don’t go too crazy waiting for the judging results, there were a lot of good entries and it’ll surely take a while. Go do some more art while you’re waiting to take your mind off it all! :smiley:



I’ll be honoured if u spare some of your time to make some comment on my entry

this is my second challenge
and my second complete digital painting

thanks in advance if u manage to find time for my entry

regards and goodluck
Sivaprasad Velayudhan



And you’ve won a copy of Painter IX! You’ve got no excuse not to learn it now…

This is a wonderful image with beautiful lighting and atmosphere. You deserve it!

I’d just sent you a pm wishing you luck (and some links to your IFX article) and then noticed the winners had been announced! What a dunce i am!? See you next time…



CONGRATS! :thumbsup: i hoped i’ll be the first one to post

anyways you deserve the win and i hope to see you next contest, and thanks for the comments on my journey thread


my journey:


congrates michael~u’ve made it again bro!:thumbsup: see ya in the next challenge


Well done Michael! - It a beautiful piece of work - congratulations! :thumbsup:


With such a beautiful work , the opposite was impossible …:thumbsup:



What did I tell ya, mike? huh? huh? hey? What’d I tell ya?

YOu owe me a hug, mister!! Congratulations on the great work… :smiley:

:bounce: :applause: :beer:


Congratulations, walrus! Your entry is, and was always, awesome. Thanks for being an essential part of this community!


Hi Mike,

my congratulations! The second award-winner artwork and it brought you a 4th place in the challenge. :thumbsup:

best wishes



Thanks, everyone!!!
This is so cool! I just got my latest issue of ImagineFX in the mail yesterday, and got to soak up Jonny’s great article about going from Photoshop to Painter IX… who’d have thunk that I’d need it so soon? But now I have a copy of Painter on the way… Like Jonny said, guess I have no excuse not to learn it.

Anyhow, this is quite an honor. Thanks to everyone again for all of your input and help on this picture along the way.

(and I just started updating my Brain-bots thread again and coloring that piece last night, for those who have been wondering… like Theresa! :wink: Congrats and a big hug to you too for your well-deserved award, my dear!)



Congrats Michael! Wonderful image


Michael, congratulations!!:smiley: :smiley: A great and funny work!:thumbsup: :thumbsup:


I would like to congratulate you for the winning, your work trully deserved the prize!! :slight_smile:


Congrats Michael, This one has such a great Epic feel and fun too.


Congrats!! :bounce:

I love the style, and the sky is amazing, nice choice for colors!!
Great Work!:thumbsup:


Congratulations on this wonderful image, Michael. It certainly was among my personal Top5-List.

I must say that your nice attitude and your helpful advice along with your professional way to work is one of the main reasons i decided to sign in this community.

Have fun with your Painter-Copy!!


Well, for whatever it’s worth… I must add my two-cents. A beautifully and brilliantly imaginative work… full of everything-that’s-good goodness! Humor and humanity, wonder and… ancient ruins so vast they are frequently mistaken for mountains ( who built them? what were they for? and do they or their builders have anything to do with the boy’s journey, his past, or his future? )!

Any chance for organizing all the collected wisdom in this thread into another tutorial ( I’m still on dial-up… no, really! I am. )? …or perhaps another book from Ballistic?


Funny you should ask, Douglas - I am right now in the process or working on a tutorial for CGSociety for “Farewell Kiss.” I should have it done this week, but there’s no telling when it might appear on the site. Although I must confess, I keep editing it down and down and down, and it’s still not at the target length yet. I’m worried I’m losing all of the meat - if you really want to get everything, read through this thread in its entirety! :slight_smile:

Torsten - Thanks so much! Enjoy your copy of Painter too - although I don’t suspect you need another. I enjoyed watching your process and getting your input on my piece as well… and always thought your piece would come in ahead of mine in any fair contest. Glad you placed so high!

Everyone else - thank you so much for your kind words and congratulations. It’s all greatly appreciated!



It’s very beautiful image.I like it