The Journey Begins Challenge (2D) Entry: Michael Dashow


excellent !

i want some of those pattened stones in my garden !


Thanks, everyone, for the nice posts. Nice to see this piece still gets a modicum of attention now that I’ve stopped updating it. :slight_smile: (But if you want to see some new stuff I’m working on, I posted a layout for a new illustration in the Work In Progress section and am getting no feedback at all! So if anyone feels like critting more work, check it out in this thread. Thanks!
Okay, anough with the plugs…

cyb - thanks, you’re piece is looking nice too… but I can’t return the favor and say yours is a land that I’d like to explore. I was never very good at mazes. :slight_smile:

Kory - sorry it didn’t look like you had time to work on your 2D entry but hope the 3D one is coming out okay! (Now that I’m done here, i should really head over into the other forum and look at things!)

anyhow, catch you all later, and thanks again for the kind words!



Congratulations Walrus, fantastic image man…



Kudos to you! Your piece is a juggernaut of awesomeness! Good luck!


wow so awesome!


Congrats, again Micheal! YOur work always have great narrative, mixed with compo, and superb use of color, that is at your command! Your shows your knowledge and understanding in how to develop a great image, again good luck!:thumbsup:


It is pleasant to look when so much a positive in a composition, very beautifully!!!


Love it, loveit, love it.
Is that clear enough?



Hey Michael, sorry I am late, Congratz on finishing this. I love the background design the most, nice detail and wonderful colours, the characters looks so sweet with rich facial expressions, well done dude. best luck for you in the next stage! cheers:bounce:


gosh i missed ur finals~very welldone mike,i echoed entirely what michael chang mentioned above,the background especially,great sense of deign and finely composited:)i wanna thank u for all the precious comments and the support u have fed in my entry,its very much appreciated and i hope we’ll meet again in the next challenge.good luck and god speed to u in the final judging.:thumbsup:


Hi, everyone! I’m out of town right now, actually visiting my college for a reunion, which is why my comments on others’ threads have been scant in the past day or so. But we had a few minutes downtime, so I logged on to see that this thread has floated back up again, surprise! I also see that there are, as of this writing, four hours left in the Challenge - I suspect that they will be a very interesting four hours. How many people do you think will join the challenge between now and then?

Sean - your post tickled me the most, for the expression “a juggernaut of awesomeness.” That is a great turn of phrase, and I am very flattered and honored to have it bestowed upon my work. Thank you!

I don’t actually have time right now to individually thank everyone who posted all these nice comments but thank you, everyone. Sorry I don’t have time to post congratulations to everyone as they finish, but to all of you who have worked so hard and come so far - congratulations and rest easy! Catch you all soon…



i prolly wished you best of luck and congrats on finishing but just in case i did here it is again! grats and best of luck mike :thumbsup:


Congrats on another great entry Mike, Best of luck. see you in the next one.



congrats on another great piece :slight_smile: solid work from the first to the last stroke, as usual. keep on rocking Mike, always! best of luck on the finals …weeeeeeeee


had been watching this from the beginning.

not just bcos this is beautiful, but also bcos you were 1 of those who make excellent artwork at blizzard

i am a fan of blizzard entertainment

and also bcos u were the only person who posted to my spectacular challenge(if u remember)

this piece is really original art
excellent mood
nice environment design
cool concept

regards and goodluck for the judging

Sivaprasad Velayudhan


awesome image, the style is really sweet! Good luck!:thumbsup:


hi michael,

now we’re waiting to see which award you’ll win:)

watching all the progress of your work and god-rays club was fun:)
and also thanx for sharing the way you work with us, i learned some really useful tips.

see you later and nice knowing you


I followed its I work since the beginning! really an excellent work walrus! :bounce:
the colors and the composition are incredible!

congrats and good luck :thumbsup:


Walrus! The colors are Fantastic!! The little details on your piece is so good to see! The style you used is amazing! Congratulations and Good Luck!!


Absolutely respect! You are my favorite! :thumbsup:

best regards: Kornél