The Journey Begins Challenge (2D) Entry: Michael Dashow


awesome work mike!
i’m happy to see it finished.
you give us a great lesson of methodology with this challenge.
Thx a lot for your iinterest in other threads and particulary mine.

i hope the best for your piece!

great great great !


Good luck, Mike! Image is lovely!:thumbsup:


Mike, it´s flat-out beautiful! I love it!!


Really impressive work , great stuff…
Awesome character design…
I love it …:applause:


Hey there Mike! Sorry for not responding for quite a while. No, its not Animal Crossings that’s taking up my time. I feel a little exhausted from all the cg-talking, so I took a much needed break by watching episodes of Smallville, the DVD set I recently bought!! :smiley:

You are welcome anytime for my help, and I want to thank you very much for yours too! You and others have made this challenge a funny and pleasant process and, by george, we created “The God-Rays Club” out of the blue! Let’s make this club a very funny version of cgtalk! :smiley: You the Jester, Me the Janitor, Adel the king and Theresa is the Queen?

I wish you all the very best for your entry and no doubt you will make it to the winners list! You always have, my friend!

You are right, regardless of what we have achieved from this challenge, our entries make fine portfolio pieces! Hope to ‘God-Ray’ with you again next time!


Very great pic no words good luck mate


Congrats on finishing Mike! - You’ve made a really good job of this :slight_smile:

I recon you’ve got a more than decent chance of making the podium!

Beautiful work! :thumbsup:


I’ve checked here after a while to see what’s going on with you guys. And i find many of you also have finished the Journey.

Mike, i’m not ONLY going to tell you how great your work is. I’ll tell you how sharp your senses are and how kind you were in putting feedback and helping me improve my work better.

I really hope to meet you and some of the other folks from this community in person one day.

And besides that, i wish you good luck, brother.



very good work!
good luck!


looking good walrus, good luck !


I just :love: your image…

well done Walrus-Michael… you got yourself a winner… in my opinion…


Wow, thanks everyone! I’m really feeling the love. Of course, it’s far to early to have any idea how this will place, but I really appreciate the kind sentiments and votes of support from everyone.

Wan to hear something really stupid? Looking through my files last night, I realized that I uploaded my Spectacular entry with one channel accidentally hidden! And it took me this long to realize it… how stupid! :slight_smile: I just double-checked my Journey Begins entry and everything is looking fine. (This is why you want to finish and upload early!)

jeromoo - yes, thanks again for your help… It’s been fun chatting back and forth with you about god rays and everything this challenge.

Let’s make this club a very funny version of cgtalk!

What, this place isn’t funny already? :slight_smile:

khan - Oh, a few of us are just finishing a little early to avoid making stupid mistakes in the big final FTP rush (see note above.) Anyhow, you’re too kind. I’m always happy to help. It would be great to meet you too someday. I don’t have any trips planned for Switzerland any time soon, but if you’re ever in the San Francisco area, drop me a line!

Mona - Thanks! I was thinking of you this weekend! My family and I were walking near the lake and little baby goslings were out - they’re still young so they look like yellow puffballs. I would have liked to get a photo for you, but my zoom lense isn’t all that, and the adult geese are undestandably protective and won’t let anyone near the babies… oh well!

Catch you all later, and good luck finishing all yours…!



amaziiing!! beautifull work!!


Fantasic final image. You really worked it out yeah yeah. We gotta hot one here tonight America!

Whoh, I seriously need to stop watching American Idol!

Great job Mike. the details are perfect and the overall feeling is spot on.

Best of luck


wow chicken joy! amazing characters man ilike it the color is also nice keep it up yo


just wanted to drop in and say what a fantastic image you have made…
of course ive been watching all the way and im really in love with this one…
the landscape is what gets me the most…i would lone to explore a land like that…
looks sorta like a fansasy game world…
anyway yeah…i just wanted so say that this was a job very well done :slight_smile:
hope to also see more of your work in the future…ill be looking :slight_smile:



Ok, I admit it, its funny! But God-Rays Club can help to spread the humor! :smiley: Theresa and I have discussed about the club details. I will PM you to tell you more.


Absolutely amazing. Flawless illustration and style. Congrats!


Fantastic image. The colors and the forms are so great … I hope to learn something from your skills. :wink:

BTW expression on the animals face is so funny and cute :thumbsup:

Good luck with voting.



i want some of those patterned stones in my garden! :slight_smile:

good luck