The Journey Begins Challenge (2D) Entry: Michael Dashow


Well I did not want you to remove them from the corner completely, just some of them…to make room for something else they could grow on… Anyway, it is a minor thing, and you said that you put more of them elsewhere although I cannot seem to find them :slight_smile:

The girls face is much better now. The boys jaw is still not quite right for me though, his chin seems very big. Also are her lips touching his cheek, it dos not seem so, and you might want that to be the moment of the picture.

Still, if you decide to stop now, it is really very good…


omg this looks beautifuul!! i dig the colours and the style is awsome!! great work!!:applause:


Congratulations Walrus! it’s beautiful!
Your color palet is really nice! great work!
and many thanks for this interesting WIP.


really beautiful picture man!!.lovely combination on colors and designs…:thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:


Yoff - I did add more flowers between the first and second fencepost, as you has commented that it seemed weird that they were only growing right at the fenceposts, and I agreed. But as for the other things you pointed out, well, as they say, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” I could make changes in those areas, but I don’t think anyone but you would notice the chnages… and maybe not even you, given the flowers as an example. I appreciate your feedback, but I;m pretty happy with it right now as is. Thanks, though!

theresa - there’s still hope, I saw someone just join the challenge yesterday with some picture of underground creatures starting a trek towards the surface, with light streaming through a hole that they were heading towards. Maybe he’ll have god-rays…?

Laurent - Thank you!

domclub - It looks completely finished? Boy, I really hope so! :slight_smile: Thanks!

calisto - thanks! Now are you going to get back to work on yours?

ilove2d and rattlesnake - thank you both. I’m glad you both like the palette, I’d been dying to do something in these colors for a while, just waiting for the right opportunity.

Guess I’ll hang out, wait for any cataclysmic changes to pop up, and either fix 'em or post final later this week. Hope your are all going well!



fantastic work walrus !


Wow Mr D, the pic is looking really good! The walrus is a talented animal! Thanx again for checking out my entry, much appreciated !!!


i gave it another viewing on a calibrated monitor and i tihnk i was just too dark before. i guess it’s always a toss up having your charaters darker than the bg… you lose some impact of the datails in the characters, but you gain such a beautiful sillouette.

viva la godrays,


It’s a lovely piece Walrus but where are they???

…the God Rays!!! :argh:

and your supposed to be the King of God Rays!! :banghead:

If it had God Rays it should get first prize!

*Ed :slight_smile:


off topic… but i think there’s a new King of the Godrays in town.


I do have godrays streaming in from the right, but they’re so subtle that I kicked myself out of the god-rays club (i forget where, in Jeromoo’s thread? Paperclip’s?) Anyhow, yeah, I second the nomination for Leda to be the god-ray king… and let’s face it, given his subject matter, what could be more appropriate? I should go tell him, i hadn’t seen that update. Thanks for the link!


Adel has his prize now! (I gave him this: )

What he does with it is now up to him! Too bad we can’t have it below his avatar or something. :scream:


LOL! Leda has the first ever politically correct God-Ray to be present in this cgchallenge! I think the club ranks should go down from the closest representation to the politically-incorrect-but-still-could-qualify. This means Walrus is second in command and I am the club janitor! T_T


There’s a new entry by someone names QUILLS (yep, loud name, just like that) who is still more deserving of a place in the club than I. He can be 2nd in command.

And I presented Adel with a more appropriate trophy. If you haven't seen it:

Seemed the right thing to do, as outgoing president an' all...


oops, looks like my site is down. :frowning: I hope it wasn’t all those poeple viewing my improved godrays trophy! If anyone else can host it, it’s a small file, I’ll send it to you…


I dunno Mike, QUILLS’ beams aren’t really God-rays, they’re just volumetric light coming through a hole in a cave…not really God-rays…so you get to keep your GRC second-in-command membership!

I’m working on becoming the God-Rays Queen! :smiley:


God rays or not, it’s a fine piece. Sure to come at, or very near, the top. Great work :thumbsup:



Great colors
wish you good luck :slight_smile:


dude walrus, I was thinking of adding god rays to my pic, the final…but ended up scraping them. I figure, you barely see them, and if you do, theyre always in an epic painting so its a tad cliche…i say leave em out. FORGET THE GOD RAYS, become…a…god…king?

great pic though :slight_smile:


Simple awesome, great story telling. THis has a really unique feel to it. Great job.


Well, God rays or not you have an amazing image Walrus, you made it again massster. There are so many places to look at… Everything is great, except maybe the right hand of the boy, I find it a bit strange, the fingers are too spaced, but it´s only my humble opinion. I hope to see you winning a prize.