The Journey Begins Challenge (2D) Entry: Michael Dashow


Yet another great looking update Michael, I especially like the way that you’re rendered the path in the foreground! :smiley:

Matt :slight_smile:


[color=#006200][color=#fffffe]Cosy place :slight_smile: :thumbsup: [/color]



village is wonderful, youre doing really great. hobbits of shire will be jealous when they see this place.watching your posts are one of the most educative things around this forum, thank you teacher:D

:bounce:we want more we want more:bounce: (updates)


So, if I bought the house, the choconobo paddock would go with it?

Tell me what the choconobos do…they can be ridden or eaten. Do they keep your grass down for you? Sounds like a good deal!


very very good .


This image is really turning out great, great style and the amount of detail thats being put into is absolutely brilliant! :applause:


Here we are, the middle-far background all painted in. The further back I go, the less I’m relying on line art, more just sketching things in as I go. The line art is too dark already, anyhow. You’re seeing it here at 100% opacity, but later on I’ll go back in and make it a lot less intense and colorize it to fit the piece more… just not yet.

The interesting thing about doing this painting here is trusting the process. You know, the convoluted manner or arranging layers that I outlined earlier where I come up with shadow colors and hilight colors and all that. It provides me with colors that work… provided that I trust that those colors work. Take this forest of trees, for example: Getting in there and painting the details, I could swear that I’m painting in greens and golds and purples for the trees and hilights and shadows. It all looks green, doesn’t it?.. But if I use the eyedropper to look at most of the colors in this post, they’re all reds! Pretty much everything on those hills there is between a hue of 10-40, clearly a red… but in context, they all read as what they were originally intended to be, but they also fit within the entire piece, fog and all, too.

The foreground, with the grass and fence, I haven’t touched that at all. Please don’t make fun of my gress yet! But I do have some surprises for that area, stay tuned…

Jeromoo - a lot of them stay in the paddock behind Theresa’s house. And there ARE people wandering around town, they’re just in scale to the town, so they’re very small.

Individium - Teacher? Well, I guess… if you need lessons in making chicken bumps, I’m your man. (And I’m not even that good at it, I just have the fortune of being the first one to bother to try it! :slight_smile: ) Anyhow, you asked for a new update, so here it is.

Theresa - Yes, the paddock goes with the house. The birds can be (and obviously ARE) ridden. There’s a bird-drawn carriage in the last pic, though it’s very small. And the bird on the farm pulls a plough, though he’s not quite in the mood today. They’re kind of like horses, but smarter. (No offense to horses.) They’re really not eaten (aside from Jeromoo.) They can kepe the grass down, but it’s not generally easy for them to pick at so they prefer bigger fare, something they can easily grab off of bushes. (Or out of holes - I think they’re omnivorous.)

Marjo, mmbenya, sirBS, skyfox, & redsquirrel - Thank you for your kind comments! Glad you’re liking it.

Anyhow, back to work for me…



looking great man, i love all the tiny details and the way you paint it =) great job, just checked out your tutorial actually…good stuff.

i wish i had more time to work on my mine, curse the sickness inside me right now =(

keep it up!


That is some great detail work! Cant wait to see this one finished!


amazing level of detail and cool style, looking forward to the final version.


ok as soon as i start a chicken bump class here, we’ll call you :stuck_out_tongue:

marvelous work again, where can i get a choconobo for myself :slight_smile:


It is very interesting to look step by step as you work and to study at you.
Yours faithfully Alexander


I’ve been working on adding more detail to the grass and more flowers and greenery. And also some more life to the picture, in this case, hens around the yard. And some liitle birdies on the fence, stuff like that. Those 2 hens in the upper left? They’re actually on the far left of the picture, pecking around the bench.

I also ended up increasing the size of some of the trees in the background, just under the fenceposts: I noticed that they were too small for the perspective I’d set up once I saw them in the whole piece.



There’s nothing cuter than your latest update except possibly this:

These chickens are so adorable and your grass is looking great. I particularly like the little bluebells, great touch!


I dunno, I don’t find red Xs very cute myself. :shrug:

But I do see the point you were making. Thanks! :slight_smile:



Hey Michael, yet another round of great updates! Beautiful job rendering the chickens, they are too cool. :wise:

Hi Theresa, now that is one cute kitty, I am glad you posted it! Right click -> Save Image As. :smiley:

Matt :slight_smile:


awww… the bird on the fence that hug his birdie, awww… sooo cute…

and the hens are such a cute bunch too… :applause:


Thanks for the comments, Matt, Theresa, and Mona. I still can’t see Theresa’s picture - red X here, but at least I get the idea that it was a kitten.

I spent the rest of the afternoon painting in the columns and tree on the left. I’ve also made a ton of small little changes since the last time I posted a full shot like this. Hardened the shadow on the lower right, fixed the sizes of a lot of trees… You’ll notice that the trees on the columns have drastically shrunk. Now the trees are in scale with the rest of the piece. I fixed the door on the house on the left (and notice the new door hardware, too!)

Aside from more small repairs, I can only see a few areas left that need major work. The lower left corner still needs something, still haven’t decided what. I’m thinking of the same flowers I put by the fenceposts. :shrug: And of course the sky needs to be completely repainted…

I’m sure folks will help to point out other areas that could use some work too. Don’t be shy now!



great scene, i like the peaceful feel to it



Wow, finally I get to see the picture in its whole. Try adding another water bucket at the bottom of the girl with a pole to carry both of them lying on the ground? Since this place is like a meadow, more flowers (like daisies) among the grasses would be sweet! If you like, add a rooster at the roof of the house ;). The clouds look different from the rest of the environment from the way its painted. It looks a little unfinished there.

I like how your work is progressing along!