The Journey Begins Challenge (2D) Entry: Michael Dashow


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Latest Update: Final Image: Farewell Kiss


Now, how could there be a Challenge without the walrus? :smiley:
Best of luck, Michael. :thumbsup:


Good luck, Michael!! Can’t wait to see your kick a** great paintings! :bounce:

Cheers, :slight_smile:



Good Luck Michael! I am looking forward to seeing more of your awesome work!



hey michael~best of luck to ya and enjoy the journey!:thumbsup:


hey there walrus, good to see u



Best of luck walrus :slight_smile:


So many Michael’s on this journey! Good luck! :thumbsup:


Welcome back, Micheal, Hope to see something nice, come from ya!:thumbsup:


Hey Michael! Good to see another ‘regular’!! Good luck!


Yay, you’re in! Glad to see you and I’m subscribing to your thread! Good luck. loved ‘wage slave’ so much the last time, there are sure to be gems this time around…

I’m having gems in my picture…arabian gems…:twisted:

Good luck and have fun. walrus ‘inda house!’ Like jonny said, it’s nice to see the regulars around…poshspice, alyfell, walrus, andyh, duddlebug, squib, art2…who else…


Hey there Michael,

Love your work and I can’t wait to see more of it!

Matt :slight_smile:


I love your attention to detail and your style. Can’t wait to see your ideas.:slight_smile:


wALRus good lcuk… wouldnt eb a cgtalk challenge without u… cant wait to see what you bring


Anticipating the finished result with much excitement :wink: Best of luck to you, Walrus!


Hey man! I wish you good luck and loads of fun! :slight_smile:


Hi, everyone!
Wow, the coolest thing about being a “regular” is now my thread fills up with comments before I’ve even posted a single word of picture!

Well, I’ve been thinking about the theme for weeks now ever singe Leigh’s first clue. I have some ideas, but I hadn’t factorred in the extra rules (or suggestions) about doing small creatures, so now I’m rethinking. Hope to have something to show soon, but I need to sit with it a while longer… Best of luck to all of you too!



I wonder just how strictly the ‘small creature’ rule is going to be enforced? My picture doesn’t have small creatures (although there will be small elements in it)…will this be bad?


I swear I thought you said, “small elephants,” paperclip and I was going to say that it perfectly suits the contest. I think the small-creature-large-epic-background is just a guide to get you to think about an epic journey. IMHO, the birth of a child is an epic journey. I don’t think you or walrus will have any problems with what ever you come up with.


Good luck! Looking forward to some more excellent work!