The Journey Begins Challenge (2D) Entry: Mark Kelly


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Latest Update: Coloring WIP: More colouring…


First concept idea.
Not terribly original
Jack and the old beanstalk. Still I think I’ll run with it till I have a better one.


Well that’s off to a bad start. I wanted to edit the title…spelling mistake…and ended up posting the same image twice…Spot the newbie…


I’ll have to go and draw some real foliage…


Some ideas for Jack’s shack…


Some plants…don’t look much like beanstalks though…

Just wondering, for this challenge thing am I supposed to post the rough reference/idea/sketchy pieces?


Some sketches trying to work out what kind of perspective to use. Needs to look big and dramatic, so I’m thinking perhaps a really sharp worms eye view type one.


I think this is pretty close to the final image…might need to push the perspective a bit more though and fix up the composition.


Hi mark_ire. Nice drawing/composition. Good luck! :thumbsup:



interesting~where does the big tree lead him to?keep them comig:)


This can be a nice one! like the idea.

cool ma n


Thanks guys, hopefully I can stay commited to this and actually finish it.


I put together a little 3d mock-up using Rhino. Thought it might help with positioning the view for my image and ensure the perspective isn’t all over the place. In the end I gave up on it as the camera placement functionality on that piece of software is totally rage-enducing.

Things left to do:

  1. Sketch some real plants and trees for reference, but seeing as it’s zero degrees outside, that isn’t happening today.

  2. Design “Jack” - the main (maybe only) character.

  3. And most important of all - learn to paint - shouldn’t be too hard - there is 86 days and a bit left…


Hi mark-ire,

I like the last (final) drawn concept sketch very much. Lighthearted adventurous atmosphere. Like one’s favourite fariy-tale.

As for 3D suite, I use Blender3D and find it supports a very easy workflow once you got a feel for its approach.

And don’t even mention not finishing this…:curious: Now I want to see the whole thing unfold!


should be a good one…great start!!

liking the 3d layout for the little shack…has a nice cartoony feel…

good stuff!!

ill keep watching youve caught my interest :slight_smile:



Tried to finish drawing up the final complete line art image. About half-way through got that familiar “this just isn’t working - it’s really crap” feeling. Agghhh…it’s quite frustrating.


So, I gave up on completing the line art and went straight to colour. Probably not the best idea in the world
…Any tips on colouring and colour selection/combination would be greatly appreciated
as you can see I really them


Nice idea :smiley: came across my mind too haha.

Great sketches so far! :slight_smile:


nice sketches and study. good start. :thumbsup:


Attempting to paint a decent looking Beanstalk type plant. So far so good…I think…Though I would say that, seeing as I’ve been staring at it for the past four hours. I really hope I finish this as it’d probably be the only coloured image I’ve ever finished.

Problems that I can see:
1.Perspective on the shack is off
2.I don’t think there’s a feeling of depth in the image – probably due to the fact I can’t colour for sh*te
3.I’m beginning to think the image itself is a little flat – not colour/depth wise – just boring?

Any comments/feedback greatly appreciated,