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Latest Update: Concept Sketch: Sketch 1 - Environment


Good luck in your first challenge! I’m sure you’ll have a blast.:thumbsup:

BTW - Are you from Michigan?


Alrighty… ideas are starting to flow.

I’ve got a few in mind but one is really standing out for me. It felt right as soon as I put pen to paper.

  1. The beginning of a great race/adventure in some sort of rally car. Close up of front of car w/ drivers face and expression being clearly seen through the windshield. Car is rugged and loaded down with parts and tools. Backround: car on the edge of civilization/ city. Dawn is breaking.

  2. Father/Daughter motorcycle adventure. Highlight personalities with different styles of machinery and clothing. Off in the distance are scenes from middle earth…

  3. (My favorite) Inventor/adventurer about to set off from a high cliff on the maiden voyage of his new machine. The vehicle in question is very Rube Goldbergesque. Part Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, part Pod Racer, part Fokker Triplane, part Mad Max Machine. Critters scamper away as the pilot takes one last look behind him before setting off… Valley and other scenery in middle and backround. Lighting to be determined.

I’ll scan and post some preliminary sketches tomorrow.



A rough sketch of the flying machine. Working out the details, materials, etc should be a lot of fun. I see lots of old world look mixed with future tech. The pilot will be peering over his shoulder and waving to some unseen friend(s). I’m not sure how I want to light it. I think there will need to be more then just the low sun as a light source.


A quick color and compositional sketch. The flying machine is about to lift off of a cliff side runway. Below is a valley next to a river, with mountains beyond. My first thought is to use a low sunset/sunrise for drama. Lighting the man and his machine well may suggest otherwise.


great sketches, I see the makings of a great thread already. No crits for you atm. The flying machine looks interesting even in it’s rough stages



i like it so far it has a nice atmosphere no crits… for now… mwahahha:thumbsup:



i like your color scheme and interesting plane concept.
Good luck


Thanks guys!

…must add luggage… accoutrements… etc…


great color… good journey to you)


hey, seems like you got quite some ideas here too and an interesting colour scheme :). somehow that reminds me of these purple lake area of wow where the goblins and gnomes race each other g

maybe you should do the flying mashine a bit more antique, well i mean like an older flying device so it seems more heroic and maybe one of this cute old pilot heads and luggage lots of it aaaand dont know. dont let yourself distract you from my babbling, just keep sketching and updating this thread.

see you around :slight_smile:


Nikolay: Thanks!

Llynna: I’m still torn on the flying contraption. Make it completely old, antique and cobbled together… or make a future version of that look but with a sci-fi twist?? I’ll see what develops as I sketch and snoop through reference materials.

As mentioned above… Chitty Chitty Bang Bang was something that came to mind when I first thought of my current direction. I want the contraption to be more aeroplane then anything else. I do like the idea of turn-of-the-century wardrobe though.



I like the color scheme in your landscape concept. Seems like you’re off to a good start.
Now let’s see some more vehicle concepts!:thumbsup:


Hey, Welcome to your first challenge. I take it, that you like vehicles. Anyways, while reviewing your current concept my favorite photographer came to mind: Robert Parke Harrison. If you aren’t familiar with his work than I would recommend checking it out. You might find it inspirational.


Wildsheepchase: Thanks! More on the way this weekend. The flying machine will be critical. However… I really need to spend a little time drawing people so the pilot comes out well.

Mybuuterflyiris: Thanks for the input!! I’m an automotive designer professionally… so yes… I love vehicles!


Howdy, Marc, looks like it’s coming along nicely so far. I can see that the craft design is rough so far, but I like the hint of giant gears, and the fact that you’ve kept the canpoy large so that we can see the pilot well. The initial color palette is nice too. Good luck with the rest of it all!



thanks for droppin in on my thread. good luck to you.


Chitty-chitty bang-bang… now that brings back fond memories.

From dramatisation point of view, taking off into (rather than away) the viewer is more intimate.

Good journeying…


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