The Journey Begins Challenge (2D) Entry: linda lukšić


beelow: teeeheee thanx alot mate:D :smiley: well here it is :D:D
Rebeccak: thanx alot, becca, same to you!! :smiley: :smiley:
3D_Explorer: teeeheee thanx :smiley:
nebezial: hahahahahah um…er…chasing after the dragonfly…?XD he didnt like its cleaning dragon back job XD :love:


excellent sketch, linda



Awesome sketch, I can see the “nebezial” in it lol :smiley:
And about joining, well, I might just do that, but I won’t be able to post until monday :smiley:


wooww beautiful sketch i hope you keep those electric lights they seem exciting


i’m loviong it… nothing wrong with that at all… kepp it coming


I like it. Simple and nice idea and started to look good. Keep up and good luck. I’ll be checking out. :thumbsup:


hey linda…nice to see you here agian…

the scetch looks pretty…

you konw?i’m coming back to see more…so paint more:thumbsup:


Hi calisto! I think Im not signed into ur thread yet, so… here I am :slight_smile: Good luck and the first sketch looks great. The story is also interesting so Im waiting for some creature concepts now, hehe…


Squibbit: thank you so much! :smiley:
Skurai: heheheh yeah…hahaha what can i do, when you see his works everyday you cant help but to improve not to get left behind XD…thanx it means alot to me…it’s a sign im getting better:D :smiley:
yaaay you joined. cant wait to see what youll come up with:D
bandro: thank you so much…yes i think i will keep them…but ill add more colours and midtones…hahaha ill see what ill do…maybe ill add more space…XD
W!L: thank you so much wil!! haahahah this time im going all out…i like this theme so i’ll make sure to finish it…i wonder how it will look in the end…:smiley:
Loris_: thank you so much, ill keep an eye on urs as well! :smiley:
kmest: yaaaay kmest!!:smiley: :smiley: im so happy to see you again…did you join the challenge? waaa i’d like to see your works as well!
NinjaASSN: heheheheheh thank you so much my friend!! :smiley: ill post something soon!


well here is a concept for a dragonfly…dont mind the anatomy of the guy…he won’t look like this, he is here only to demonstrate how he will be riding it…maybe ill change it…O.o dunno…oh…and he wont be wearing this…i just put whatever on him…XD ahahhaah he looks like a biker XD


hehe… thats a cool firefly !!! I like the concept and the colors. looks good.


Wow!! Great concept!!! Really nicely done!! Nice to mix up different kinds of bugs.

Wainting to see more!! :thumbsup:


OooooOh! Very Nice Very Niice! Has a FernGully-esque feel to it! Love to see the background and final image! Good luck! :thumbsup:



The dragonfly is looking really cool.
Keep it up :D!

(Htjem doznati Hrvatski! Sačuvam pomoć :smiley: (Seriously, I don’t even know if that’s right…(I tried to say "I want to learn Croatian! I need help :D)))



wowwwwww…i love the colors…:applause: cool concept also


looking really good luv… you sticking with teh origional composition cos thats great?


wow, takin a real designer approach on this one awesome:thumbsup:


fantastic ideas…it is slightly difficult to see the saddle

good luck!


cool he nebzz?LOL.great vehicle design.i do love rthe mood in ur 1st sketch.the dragonfly reminds me off japanese’s the souls leader of the dead.or maybe i’m wrong haha.anyway,wanna see more.cheers bros.:bounce: :thumbsup: :buttrock:


excellent sketch, linda

Good Start off