The Journey Begins Challenge (2D) Entry: linda lukšić


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Latest Update: Coloring WIP: im a bit late sorry


hey linda.whaz up.:smiley: nice to see u enter again.can’t wait to see ur entry,mate.don’t let’s wait so long.:wip:


Welcome to the copetition Linda! Good Luck!:thumbsup:


yind is here…woohoo:love: :thumbsup:


was looking for u… good luck and have fun


Good luck Linda :smiley:

Hoping to see some previews soon :slight_smile:


welcome welcome welcome…so nice to see you here!! good luck :applause:


Hi Linda! Good to see you! Have fun, I hope! :slight_smile:


welcome calisto, good luck and have fun!



Woohoo, welcome again Linda. I like your new avatar by the way.
Hope to see this one finish.

Goodluck and subscribed


hey linda~its great to see u here for another challenge~go finish this one my friend.wish u lots of luck:thumbsup:


yaay! hi linda …welcome & have fun :smiley:


Hey there! Welcome and have tons of fun! :smiley:


Good luck Calisto :thumbsup:


waaaa thank you all so much for the beautifull warm wellcome ^^ i wish you all the best of luck and lots of fun on this challenge.
its a really cute theme!! :smiley:

xric7: waaaaaaa im so happy to see you too!! thank you so much my dear friend, i hope it wont take long either…it’s brainstorming time :smiley:
beelow: best luck to you too, mate!:smiley:
nebezial: nyooo!!^^ihihi i hope ill make it this time, thankiiies cep :love:
W!L: yaaay W!L good luck to you too my friend :smiley:
3dRaven: wheeee good luck to you too!! i hope so too…gotta think of an idea first XD
OrO: yaaaay OrO!!!wellcome to you too, mate!! so glad to see you! :smiley:
Poshspice: hiya! grat to see you too, my friend, hiihih good luck to you too and lots of fun as well (i know i will)
Squibbit: hiyaaa! thankieees!! best luck to you too!
Arc80: yaaaay archie!!thank you so much! i wish you the best of luck also! hahahah i hope ill finish it also…nebz showed me how fun it can be to make a comic…and the rest is history XD i hardly find time for collegeXD. but ill do my best on this challenge…i need good critique…:smiley:
sh@ke: thank you so much my dear friend…i hope ill finish this one also…good luck to you too!! :smiley:
Vahn: yaaaay! same to you my friend!!:smiley:
oz haver: heyaaaa! to you too! the best of luck, and tons of fun! ^^
Skurai: thank you so much skurai…why dont you join also! is fun! :smiley:


Where are the sketches,I am waiting! Looks at the watch on wrist, and looks at the clock on the wall, taps foot, and waits impaitently*:rolleyes:

Hope to see something soon from u Linda!:smiley:


Good luck calisto, and have a great time!!! :bounce:

Cheers, :slight_smile:



I’ll be watching too :slight_smile:


well here we go…my first idea…i imagined a fairy-like creature riding a dragonfly through the swamp…nothing special…i just felt happy doing it.the creatures will be looking at him(frogs, turtles and simmilar swamp creatures seeing him off. he will be waving to the old world behind going to the end of the swamps into a new area…
maybe i’ll post more ideas…
cheers :smiley:


cool a dragonfly rider…sooo where are the dragons?:love: