The Journey Begins Challenge (2D) Entry: Lavanche Cédric


keep going :beer:


That sounds good here… good work… especially this expressive glance… :thumbsup:


nice concept and great characters. good luck with this.


The end of the driver…

Now it’s start to color the old one :slight_smile:
Thanks you all for your support…


cool but u have to hurry dude


Adorable little critter! Wonderful eyes and expression…looking forward to seeing more. Enjoyed the beasts in your portfolio too!

Good luck!


C excellent mais c vrai que tu dois te dépêcher pr finir dans les temps :slight_smile:


Really nice… the lighting is a real pleasure to watch… and now, hurry up boy… time run so fast :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:


Rockin’ fake ardechois de chantemerle !! :bounce: :bounce: :buttrock:

Awesome work my friend , I’ve missed many updates , but I do like what I see !!
Keep the wacom burning mate !!

cheers ,



Really nice character,

can’t wait to see the other ones colored.

Hurry up, time is running. :wip:



fantastic character design of the bug – very cool…


I agree, You are getting just as much character personality in your paint as you had in your drawings. Excellent.


Hop hop hop starting the snail… 18 days left…i will finish i will finish!!


Thanks you so much everybody for your support

thebest–> i know i must be faster :sad: … i’m the new snail from ardeche MOUAHAHAHAAHAH (no Zapan don’t hit me…)

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Elendil_le_Grand–> mais c’est fini de mettre la pression MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA je vous hais tous ^^

Lemog–> oh yes i know the time run run and run… but i will finish it’s sure!!!

Zapan–> Yoyoyoyoyoyyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyo my friend made in ardeche MOUAHAHAHAHAH, nice to see you like it… i won’t sleep, i won’t eat but i will finish… now i’m the last ardechois here… :frowning: (lacheur)

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lol hahahaha :scream: no u are still faster than steph so he is the great snail lol :bounce: “sorry steph the truth hurts forgive me buddy lol”
but Poonks remember that snails are never late lol


Hahahaha… very good Antone :scream: :thumbsup: poor steph :eek:


Oh i like your character …he’s really nice

(il fait tout pitié le pauvre, mais il attire l’attention c’est un bon point) :slight_smile:

Sorry for my english , I’m poor little woman …

Keep Going baby :wink:


Working on the grass… it’s make me crazy…

thebest, lemog-- > MOuahahaha poor Steph :slight_smile:

Vado–> he is so sad cuz’ this village is burning… thanks u for coming here

Ok now next step is the snail…
16 days, 16 days… i will finish!
Finish it or die :wink:


Oh, haven’t seen this for quite some time now… nice progress :thumbsup:
You may go in snailspeed with this but you’re going in the right direction :slight_smile:


New update!! :slight_smile:

I worked on the ground, next step is the old and the crying bugs…