The Journey Begins Challenge (2D) Entry: Lavanche Cédric


Hello again Poonks.

I see youve been working. Quite a demonstration that mountain of yours, its a great piece. I supose that after this, youll be able to get past your struggle with photoshop. I think all of us are constantly learning. Hope to see that level of work in the snail and bug chatacters.

Really a good work.

Read you later.


sorry to hear that u have been ill but I happy that u feel fine now :scream:

nice colors keep going


like a stuff is godd, but i think, that background must be in 2 color gradient & you must work on a the first plan … bee bai bo boo… or something


Working again on the moutains…


Gunilla–> nice to see you like it, i hope it willl be a beautiful moutain too :scream:

Zapan–> Hey hey thanks you for the comments dude ^^ I am working on 3500*2500 pixels :curious: it’s very big and my computer don’t like it! I must work with differents .psd. This challenge is hard for me and for my computer too MUahahaha…
matsuyam–> i hope you u will like the snail and the bugs with color :beer: i can’t wait more to start its…

thebest–> thanks u so much :thumbsup:

Simonas–> “bee bai bo boo” <-- what’ this? :surprised




Good line contrast between sky and mountain, the opposite lines seem to work well to separate near and far background… keep going Cédric :thumbsup:


have the same problem here. my ol´computer dont like challenges at all… he sighs and complains… haha…

but I like your mountians :slight_smile: and how it looks like the front mountain fall apart in the middle…


Yep :slight_smile:
Really cool :wink:


great progess so far. The sky looks really great.:applause:

Hope to see more, soon.:arteest:



Your comming along very well.
Keep up the good work


Working on the village…


So many times without updates :smiley:

It’s had for me to find freetime, but i hope to finish it!
I think now the background is done lets me see whats u think about it :cool:

Thanks you everybody for your support, i hope to post update soon…


cool keep going u must finish it on time please


Nevermind it’s a cool up :slight_smile:


NIce to see you like the background ^^

So a little update today, working on the driver, need more works on it this is the start…


coool keep going


Great :slight_smile:
I love the hot colors you choose …


A little update not really interesting, just to show my choice of color…Hope u will like it


he just getting more and more cute… and the colors are :thumbsup: