The Journey Begins Challenge (2D) Entry: Lavanche Cédric


Yes colors are good :slight_smile:
Next quick :cool:


Nice pic! So funny characters! I’m waiting for colouring!


Well hello Poonks.

An interesting image youre making here, however, I dont know if it is your purpose, but when iI look at your recent made sky, the form of the colors remind me of looking an “oil on canvas” image. Thats a good thing for me but i would recommend if you do the same with the clouds, that at this point seem to be “over the image”. I expect to see more work. Good luck on you first challenge. Its also my first.


Wheeeee heeee I see colors !!!

Great start on the sky , maybe I would have seen it a little more reddish tho …

So this is it , the serious stuff’s starting !! Rock 'n roll baby …
just put Slipknot on you ears and goooo :buttrock:

cya my friend !!

cheers ,



Working on the sky and the clouds… i decide to change the clouds cuz’ i didn’t find it in the same way than the sky


Thanks you everybody, i’m glad to see you like the start, i hope to follow this way :scream:

Zapan–> i’m agree with you dude thats why i follow your advice :bounce:
Muahahaha slipknot is everytime on my ears, U know me!! :thumbsup:

Tigrenka–> nice to see you like it thanks you!

Elendil_le_Grand–> Quick… Muahahahahaha and you… stop oblivion and finish your thread :twisted:

Lemog–> hey hey you right, i know it’s not usual to start whith the sky but i think it’s easy to find an atmosphere with this method

thebest, makaron–> agian and again thanks you so much to follow my wip and for the great words… :thumbsup:

matsuyam–> thanks you so much for your comment, i had the same feelings than you about the clouds tht’s why i deicded to change it, hope you will like it more like this
I wish you a good luck too for your challenge!:beer:


Not usual… but well done… terribly “photgraphic” now… and more… :thumbsup:


me like the new sky… :thumbsup:

gives the image a calm feeling that will suit this maybe not too speedy fellows…


Yes you’re right …
The new sky is good buit the clouds in the first was more cartoon i don’t knof if i’ve prefered or not
Anyway it’s a good job :thumbsup:


Fun image! I look forward to seeing more


Yooo! Snails rules!!! :bounce:


wohoo keep rocking


The sky looks absoluty amazing.:eek:

Way to go.



Fred Durst mode on !
"Alright partner…keep on rollin’ baby… You know what time it is !
Keep rollin’ rollin’ rollin’ rollin’ " :scream:
Fred Durst mode off !

Awesome new sky my friend , way less cartoon tho … but I think It might be really cool with the whole scene anyway !!

so Keep rollin’ my friend !! :smiley:

cheers ,



I like your drawing: it anticipates a very interesting party on a interesting journey! Hope seeing more of it soon! Good luck!


Thanks you so much everyone for your supports

I was ill during last week that’s why there were no update. But now i feel fine so it’s time to rock and as said Mr Durst "KEEEPPPPP ROOOLLLLIIINNNNNNN’ "
I hope to post next step soon :slight_smile:


I hope too my friend… the continuation now… :thumbsup:


Hop hop hop update of the day…

2h30 of working on the moutain makes me crazy! I don’t think thats 2D works is so long and so difficult… this is my first real attempt with photoshop thats why i am so slow :slight_smile:

I am learning many many things with this challenge, i just hope to finish it :frowning:


Hi there - good to see you back on this!
Nice update - I think it’s the beginning of a beautiful mountain!.. it looks almost like 3d, nice job :slight_smile:


Dammit I was up to come by here with a snail comment but there you go !

Awesome my friend … looking really detailled !! what resolution are you working with ?

keep it up Copaing !!

cheers ,

-Zap … huhu ^^