The Journey Begins Challenge (2D) Entry: Lavanche Cédric


OMG he has the exact same eyes than me :eek: !!! … and apparently he also doing same noises :scream:

Great sketches mate , those two are absolutely perfect !!

cheers ,



I really like your concept.




I’m fan of the concepte, I wait impatiently the color pass.


Hi Poonks, I was just visiting your website. Very nice work. (I did an interview at 3dworld too!) Alia is a sweetheart, isn’t she.


makaron–> ahahah don’t cry for them… they will find a better village … maybe :scream:… huhuhu

Gord MacDonald–> thanks you :thumbsup:

the best–> thanks for the great words… me too i would to see colors but i must works enough on the design :shrug:

Lemog–> Muahahahahaahahahaha Laurent, i don’t think that’s Cadet will be happy to see thi snail. I’m glad to see you like this snail but it’s the start i hope it wil be better soon :smiley:

Elendil le Grand–> nice too see you like it Nico :thumbsup:

Zapan–> yoyoyoyo my friend, i’m glad to see you like it too… you are my favourite inspiration to make this snail :scream: I will write “Aredeche Powaaaaaaaa” on the little flag muahahahaha

Russel-Nash–> ^^ thanks you

matwire–> the color arrive… one day… i hope :scream: huhu

3D_Explorer–> thanks you, nice to see you like my others works :scream: … i’m agree with you Alia is a so lovely personn… it will be a real pleasure to be interviewed by her. I will receive the magazine with my work for the Chinese new year i will scan it soon :bounce:
Edit: I just seeing your web site i find many many great works i really love your universe!! Keep it up the great works :thumbsup:


Oh dear - I’m beginning to feel really sorry for your bugs! Great work - you will have a strong emotion here :thumbsup:


Hahahaha :D!
Les dessins sont superbes.
La suite…


hi Poonks,

funny characters with great style, looking for more please come on and add something.:applause:


Here a really quickly color test, just to see which environment i want to give…

Finaly i decide to make it early in the morning when the sun rises


Here more work on the snail…

The last bug will hold a fisherman’s cane with snail’s food… with an aim of advancing the snail :wink:


Gunilla–> thanks U for the great works :thumbsup: i hope to have emotions with this picture too :scream:

WilliamMAX–> hey hey William content de te voir ici :thumbsup: merci

FlaminGlow–> thanks you :applause:


Waiting for the next :slight_smile:


Wahahahaha :scream: … “made in ardeche” ahah Bastard !! :smiley:

Really great “no brain” snail Da Poonks !

keep on rockin’ my friend !

cheers ,



sounds it gonna be nice colors in this one… :slight_smile:
hope you show us more soon


cool updates:p

just one thing u are making them too big for the environment beside them " I mean they are really
huge for bugs " :shrug:


This is a funny and nice concept. I wish you great fun on it. WIll be back for the modeling start, good luck man!:thumbsup:


Here the last one, the fat driver…


thierry2005–> thanks you man for your comment… but… this is 2D thread so it won’t have modeling :shrug:

the best–> thanks u so much, i’don’t think thats they are too big 'cuz they are far away their village… but i will work on it next :thumbsup:

makaron–> i hope too muahahahahaa :scream:

Zapan–> Muahahahaa… i will write Zap’man on the flag :twisted: so my friend to follow my thread. :thumbsup:
Elendil le Grand–> ^^ next is here :scream:


hallo… :slight_smile:
and have to say, that fat driver seems happy with life… :bounce:


oh look the little bug is having fun
hahaha cool updates keep going :thumbsup: