The Journey Begins Challenge (2D) Entry: Lavanche Cédric


I like your character design and concept. Its cute and innovative.
By your description alone i can already see the finished peice.
I’ve subscribed so i dont miss out on the action in this thread.

A snail hmm? Sounds like a good idea, by the look of your sketch i was thinking along the lines of like some weird dung beetle or something. But to keep the humorus, almost childish look to it. I think a snail is perfect.
Good luck


I would love to see a dung beetle ‘for the mounting!’ :smiley:

I really like your concept for the driver, it’s a strong design. I think your background could be a bit more epic though. :slight_smile:


haha! what a pair of cool little bug fellows :smiley: nice work so far Lavanche, and nice to meet u!


Their cute little buggers!:thumbsup:


This is the evolution of the walker’s design… hope u will like it…

I forget to say thats… for the design of the first character i was really inspired by osgiliath ( but i little to much… the goal was not to “steal” the design of osgiliath so i will change the character of the driver to avoid some others problems…


Zapan–> a snail it’s a great idea no?? muahahahahahaahahaha… and i will call it Zap’man…:scream:

Kahlan Amnell–> nice to see thats you like the idea… wait and see… :rolleyes:

paperclip–> hey hey it’s a chance thats you like the driver because i will change the driver :sad:

Climax–> nice to meet you too :thumbsup: i will keep an eye on your work…

rblitz7–> tks u


Bastard !! :scream:

The little bug is cracking me up : “On the road again” … Is that the only sentence you can say in english ? :twisted: :scream:

Keep it up bro !

cheers ,



Cool !
Je le vois bien dire : duuuude !!!


On dirait un vieux mec qui vient de rempiler pour son 12736ème challenge sur CgTalk… :scream:


Seriously… perfect style for this bug… I really like… peurfaicteux :thumbsup:


Magnifique :thumbsup:

I like your funny style, this will be great to see that in 3d :deal:

Good luck to you :bounce:


Very good sketch !!! I like the style !


Hi - really nice designs for your bugs :thumbsup:
I’m surprised to see you in 2d - aren’t you most doing 3d? I will be back later and see how it goes, good luck!


Zapan–> Muahahahahahahahahaha me too i love u my friend… but more i spend time here and more i think thats the snail is a good idea… i can say many other things… ggggrrrrrrrr… i hate you…
Elendil–> mdr… and the other will say Swwwweeeeeeetttttttt :buttrock: (I love this movie mdr) I will call my image “Hey Dude, Where is my snail?” :scream: … hey why not… great idea… :slight_smile:

Lemog–> Muahahahahaha…:scream: thanks Laurent for the great words…i’m not like this bug this is only my first challenge i hope to finish it :thumbsup:

Nomad–> i’m a little busy a this time but at first time i think about make it in 3D… next time why not!! Thanks to come here

matwire–> thanks you too

Gunilla–> Hi nice to see you here too… hey hey you right i most doing 3D but i’m really busy in this time thats why i decided to do it in 2D… i’m waiting for you come here when you want :slight_smile:

No update for the moment… this is nearly the week it’s time for me to come at home… where i have no pc…:sad: but i will draw this week end and i will come back with many draws… so see you monday… have a good week end…


keep going


Hey Poonks.

I really enjoyed your new secondary sketch.
Just looking at it made me laugh. I can truely see the comedic side to this peice.
Cant wait to see some color WIP’s

My advice… I like your snail idea, I’m with you on that. But draw out both of them anyway and lets see what you come up with. You never know, it may sway your mind.


Ha, cool characters! Great concept drawings! Keep it up!


nice start, poonks



that bug looks like he need a journey… before he dies of bordom… perfect design :applause:


cool bug! keep going!:slight_smile:


Définie encore mieu les membres, le dos, que tu puisse ensuite le mettre dans toutes le postition voulu. La, j’ai un peu l’impression que tu ne sais pas trop comment changer sa postition. Amuse toi avec ce personnage. Fait le vivre, donne lui des expressions.

Continue :slight_smile: