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Hi everyone, let’s introduce myself… my name is Cédric Lavanche, i’m 3D animator and this is my first attempt here, i hope to finish it :slight_smile:

My idea…:lightbulb the story occurs in a fantasy world where living small bugs ( i don’t know the name of the race for the moment… :blush: ). This bugs lived in a small village lost in the “magic” forest… but one day the village was destroyed but their enemy… The war was terrible and only 3 bugs to escape the masssacre cuz’ they drive out to find some foods. When they discover them village, they decided to find a another place to create a new village…

I hope you will like my idea…

Good luck everybody :thumbsup:


lol very cool idea can wait to see it finished :thumbsup:


Thanks you the best… i’m glad to see that you like it :scream:

I really hope to find the time to finish it :smiley:


bah faut tout péter mon gars ! Bienvenue !


Hey hey thanks Gilles, i’m glad to see you here :scream:

On va essayer de tout péter :buttrock:


Cool idea and good luck :slight_smile:
J’aime ton style et je doute pas que tu vas encore déchirer :wink:


My first step with the composition…
On the image we will see the first bug on the left walking, the second driving the big mounting (probably looks like the “pétaure” of Lanfeust) and the last is crying on the head of the mounting…

In the background we will see the burning village… finaly they don’t live in the forest… cuz’ i hate painting tree :wink:

Hope u like it


yoyoyoyo my friend !!

Glad you finally jump into one of those !
Great start already , seems we both like to burn people’s place ! :scream:

Looking forward for the Ardeche touch !!

Have a lots of fun a best of luck over here !!

cheers ,



great beginnig waiting for more :thumbsup:


This is the first try with the character design… after many hours i draw this… do u like it?

Zapan–> Yeah my friend “L’ardeche envahis cgtalk”

the best–> nice to see you like it tnaks you :wink:


Awsome great to see you in here too.
Like you this is my first CG challenge so good luck to ya. I’ll be keeping tabs on ya :thumbsup:


Good character :slight_smile:
The style always the style with you :wink:


Funny idea!:buttrock:


great and funny characters :thumbsup:


Hey hey thanks you everybody, i’m really happy to see thats you find my idea funny…


Cool idea Cédric… I like much the design of your bugs… really in the topic… you’re on the good way mate…

J’adore… :thumbsup:


was not to love? such cuties!.. they really have character :slight_smile:
this is gonna be fun to watch the progress on…


I’m thinkinng about making a snail for the mounting what do you think about? :shrug:

Lemog–> nice to see you here… i’m glad to see thats you like it and thanks for your comments…:thumbsup:

makaron–> I hope it will be fun to follow this WIP :scream:


What the hell is that ?!?! :surprised :scream:

Great characters my friend , hilarious as well !

Keep it up ! :applause:

cheers ,