The Journey Begins Challenge (2D) Entry: Kan Muftic


two things that i liked about your eary sketches…

  1. the bluer clours were really nice…alot colder and wintery…the newer ones almost seem warm…some more blue in the shodows might help a little…

  2. i likes the fog alot more than the clearer picture…

i think the two above points made you first sketches of the bear my most liked…it looked like a cold and freezing wind blow task that the bear had ahead…

but dont get me wrong…its comming along very nice…i just didnt agree that the newer ones were more threatening…i thought they were a little tamer…hehe

anyways…still a long way to go…



Very cool ! great painting ! keep it this way !

Good luck ! I’ll keep an eye on ya !:scream:


Defining the ground, aspect ratio and light.


Hi folks,

First of all: you all really give me awesome inspiration! So many different styles, backgrounds and nationalities. I thought i would be a bit jealous and mean to the other competitors but in this case, i’m really positively inspired. Thanks!

So, for my newest update: as you can see, it’s ground is now detailed, the frosty wind is more obvious and there’s also a tiny little difused sunlight.

Hope you like it and keep pushing me hard.

Best regards and big respect

Khan alias Chupacabra

My Journey Begins

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Nice Painting dude!:thumbsup: I think it needs something extra, not sure, but it needs something to punch the scene up. Have fun dude!:thumbsup:


At firs I want to say thanks for your coment in my entry of challenge “The Journey begins”. Now I can say that your arctic concept with bear, that is ready for a long journey to search some food, is awsome. The color pallete and overall mood is great, I like It very much. Keep working, I just can`t wait to see your final painting… “keep walking” :thumbsup:


Absolutely gorgeous work! I adore the lighting and colours.

I agree with some of the others about making the scene a little more interesting but other than that, truly wonderful! :thumbsup:


impressive! gudluck for the challenge man


Hi! Great color palette and very convincing anatomy + volume of the bear. I have to agree with the others though; although you’re trying to get across a feeling of desolation and emptiness (right?) it also tends to make the image - literally - quite empty. I have to say the sun is already a great improvement, balance-wise. I’d consider adding another (subtle) element besides the frost/icewind…don’t really know what that element should be though, so I’m sorry if this isn’t a helpful comment. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thumbs up for your latest update anyway, it really looks fantastic!


Realy promising painting :thumbsup: . I suggest adding another character however, some kind of companion… like a little birdie or (I’m nuts, I know :bounce: ) a little butterfly :smiley: .


Hi there,

Calisto: Thanks a lot. I’m giving my best.

Kid: Hey, merci! I love compliments. Don’t stop with it(smile)!

Vaidas_B: Lithuania rocks! Wanna go there sometime.

Nards26: I saw some of your works already . Inspiring, mate.

Cyberone: Yeah, i know what you mean. But i like this look of National Geographics from 70’s, so i’ll stick to that. Thanks anyway.

BaronImpossible & FightingCalliope & Beelow & Enialadam & Koekebakker & Elgrozni:Thanks for feedback, folks. I get your point. The flat scape was my main consideration before i even began sketching this image. I knew it could appear a bit boring. Finally, most of the images posted on CGS are fantasy-based, so my idea could get kind of flat, compared to all the dragons, aliens, explosions and stuff that is to find in these forums. Not that i don’t like those things, i actually love them. If you check my CG Portfolio, you’ll see it’s full of it.
But i have this thing for snow and frost. Since i was a kid.
I used to skip the school sometimes and go to snow-covered mountains around Sarajewo. And i walked. For hours. Just listening the whispers of the wind that blew over trees and fields.
I loved being completely alone, breathing that sharp frosty air and walk for hours without a certain point to go to.
This fascination is still inside of me. No matter how hard and boring a winter can get, i’m probably the only one around who really enjoys it.
So, looking back at my early days, this image of a bear reflects something very personal, very deep in me. It’s the warmest memory of my beloved home that i left as war in Bosnia started. And the bear is probably mirror of myself: just as he starts his journey into uncertainty, so did i left my snowy scapes leaving everything behind me and heading into a unknown future.
Despite the fact that i was obviously a weird kid, i really want to stick to this first idea. I will use an iceberg or something but it’ll stay a long journey over cold, frozen scape.

I know, all of us here are people of great spirit. That’s why i trust you this image.

Best regards and big respect

Khan alias Chupacabra

My Journey Begins

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Hi there,

I made some improvements here. First of all, i gave my bear this certain facial expression. His face looks now more suffering and desperate. Then, i spent too many hours playing with brush tips to get his fur look nasty and partially frozen, like the one you see on the real bear.
After almost going berserk for not finding the solution, i took a piece of a fur from the photo of a bear, desaturated it, pushed the Brightness/Contrast to the limit and made it to a texture, which could be used as a brush tip (Edit/Define Pattern).
Here is the brush tip i used:

I also was really thinking about what many people told me about this missing elements. So i made couple of icebergs and placed them on the vanishing point, which is good thing to do if you want to point the viewer into certain direction.

Close up:

So, i guess i’m not going to make any drastic changes anymore, in terms of design.
It’s probably gonna take a while till everything reads the way i want it to.

Hope you like it and would like to get some harsh feedback.

Best regards and big respect

Khan alias Chupacabra

My Journey Begins

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Hi Khan

nice details, also the bear is painted great. as for the pov, som already mentioned the lack of elements, wich probably make 2 things. first, the values of the icescape are sure hard to get to a full range, besides its a snowfilled atmosphere wich causes strong atmospheric overlays.
a way to gain highspecular nearrange elements could be working in some particles of snow that are visable. things like whirling snow also help the feeling for movement.
as for mid range elements in general i think ice, in nature is sharp and broken, here and there, has lots of different shapes and coloraccents ich i miss a bit in your piece yet. lets say the wilderness IS rough and to give the bear a reason to look struggling, make the environment ruffer:twisted: .

ice always produces superhigh specular highlights. as for the sun is low, to help dephg could be adding a complementaty lightset, means, form behind the camposition, the natural fall of runs usually into blue spectrims in such a situation. some more colder accents in the near range falling off to zeo in midrange could work like a color fall off to accentuate the zaxis vanishing as well.
here’2 2 refs of such a situation:

as for the sun and ice, ice as i said earlier is very high specular, and to illustrate it and gain a bit a wider range of values, you could work in some sunreflection on it here’s a ref of such a situation

I hope one ort the other gives u a usefull thought or an inspiration, of course, all mentioned points are my own personal point of view. you got plenty of time, use it well, have fun and keep up the great work
greets from zurich


So simple yet so beautifull… This image is really simple yet it evokes many feelings for the environment… One thing I think needs to be worked on is that when you look at the image you KNOW the bear hunting for food, because when I looked at the image forst I focused on the enviroment more than the bear… Is taht what you were trying to achieve?

Either way it looks fantastic and I wish you all the best!

Good luck!


great work!

i think TheFirstAngel made some good points about the colours.
nice portfolio btw.


Hello there,

First of all, thank you so much for such a constructive feedback. It is very helpful to build an image together with you guys. I also realised that i never wrote my main comments here in this window but i still hope that doesn’t matter as long as i communicate with you on a regular thread basis, right?
Anyway, i though much about this specular reflections that 1st Angel and the rest of the crew told me about. I actually didn’t want it from the start but i realise it is necessary. So, here’s the newest update on my beloved beast.
P.S.- Does anyone know what should i do about the “Line Art” submission? I started off right in Photoshop blocking colors…

Your feedback is still most welcome.

Best regards,

Khan aka Chupacabra


I’m loving the progress on this one. Beautiful job!

As to the Line Art submission, I’ve seen people submit their early paitings as line art. In your case your image has been so clear fromthe beggining, even submitting the concept I think would suffice.

Me being selfish, I would rather you post the NEXT updated file as Line Art, so we can see the progress as opposed to seeing an earlier image again. Does that make sense?


i 100% agree, besides, i mever really make line arts except the base is pencils and that has to do it, besides many artists work in fields and define shapes on the fly so i wouldnt bother with linearts too much, send what you have and make sure that milestone is complete - but keep on stickin straight forwards.
as for the painting progress, your actual update is fantastic, the piece gaind a nice amount of aditional dephg, and as for specular highlights, i thin the help the feel for the cold hard environment quiet well. keep on goin, looking forward to your next update :slight_smile:


You are doing a wonderful job with this. The detail work on the bear and the snow blowing in the wind are excellent:thumbsup: .