The Journey Begins Challenge (2D) Entry: Kan Muftic


heh yea for all we know it could be the same bear a few momnets earlier



Impressive, to get such an image with so much atmosphere/mood with just so little paint…

This is gonna be big, I’m getting cold just by looking at it… and then at the same time is has some kind of warmth over it…

Yep! You got my attention! :slight_smile:


this is just :thumbsup: … wonderful light…


Beautiful atmosphere!! Best of luck to ya!


Nice work, I like the polar bear :slight_smile: you did a great job with just a few strokes of the brush.


love the idea so far , great mood :slight_smile:

keep it up!


Wow! this is looking really good! Excellent idea too.:thumbsup:


hey Kan! nice job!!! amazing colors… wonderful atmosphere…
keep it going man! it is coming out pretty well!


Wow… the lighting in this one is looking amazing. Very well done. A nice sense of space.


Very nice! You could give some hint as to where he/she is headed. Maybe towards a pack of seals on the horizon for a huge meal? Maybe towards other polar bears for mating season? tho I don’t think they do that, or you could have his/her den within the picture and footprints leading to him/her to show he/she just left for a journey. Just some ideas. :thumbsup: Lovely start tho! Good luck!



I love the colors and atmosphere!! I’m almost getting frostbite just looking at it!!!

Amazing coloration!!

But since the title of the challenge is The Journey Begins, it would maybe be cool to have some sence of a goal og starting point…


Hey, I love this bear! Keep it up.


Redifining Aspect Ratio, playing with colors.


I like that you moved the polar bear up a little to break the horizon a bit.
But nothing else to say just yet… keep it coming!
(and thanks, glad you liked Wage Slave! :slight_smile: )



Hi there,

Thank you all for such a feedback.
It’s so hard to get away from my daily job in post production and work on this painting…

I was thinking a lot about the starting and ending point, but to be honest - there is none in such a situation. Those bears live in a wildest part of the earth, made of endless ice fields, frost and wind. There is almost no orientation at all. After the long summer, when they don’t eat up to four(!) months, these predators go out and seek. For weeks. Sometimes even longer. That’s why they are so dangerous if you happen to meet one. They’ll make anything that moves to their prey, including smaller whales.

So, this situation describes a beginning of a desperate, unknown journey for the most important thing in life: surviving!

Feel free to insult me & my work.

'Hope to get some updates this week again.

Best regards,



Redefining anatomy and color corrections.


Hi everyone,

I finally had a chance to spend some more time on my dear polar beast. As you see, i turned the mood to something more threatening. No cheesy poster!
I also made some tiny anatomy corrections. My goal is to make it realistic but stylized the same time.
Comments are most welcome.

Best regards,



You have a good concept, good execution too. The bear is very convincing. Two things, though - firstly, I’d be careful not to get your shadows too dark; reflected light from the snow provides a good deal of fill-in light, even when the sun’s not out. Also, the terrain is just a tad boring. Maybe try something like an ice-sheet that’s breaking up, a bit of danger going on. Just a thought.


Great job 'till now!
I quote BaronImpossible for the shadows (just a little brighter could be enough :wink: )

Maybe in the distance there could be some hint of the seacoast (don’t know exactly how)
'cause sometimes the journey you’re depicting takes place from a hole on the ice to another or along the icy shore…give just a thought to it!
Good luck…even if I think I need it more than you ('cause you draw so amazingly!!) :blush:


beautifull work!!the bear looks amazing…i love the way you caught the movement it looks so natural.:thumbsup: