The Journey Begins Challenge (2D) Entry: Kan Muftic


The very first begining of this painting, made actually in Photoshop right from the start.



It’s just that necessery line art submission, which i didn’t do @ the beginning.



I consider this as final coloring. I think, if i put more details into it, i’ll loose that certain style i tried to keep from beginning on.

I will also make a break and will not look at this painting for a week or two before i really submit the final image. I think that’s necessary, to get a distance from my work and then get back to see what’s working and what’s not.

Best regards,

Khan aka Chupacabra


Hi, so you´re done, aren´t you? Very lucky, man :slight_smile:
I like very much your final image. My only crit is that in your first colour sketch, you had the sky in cold tones, and now it´s a little warm, which in a momment had me tought in a desert instead of a polar zone.



Thanks. But that’s exactely the point: to work with warm/cool. Finally, sun is setting down and under those conditions, you do actually see much of red. I didn’t want to make an image that would be typical: cold, bluish, low contrast.
And by the way, your hunter is REALLY AWESOME! I think, when this whole thing is done, i’ll be asking you for some hi-res of it; there is a big empty space on my wall and could use some serious inspiration:)




Hi Kan,

Such a nice looking image you have going right now. I like the warmness added by the colors you chose, especially for an artic scene. The bear looks great and your progression so far has been excellent. I too like the idea of a nonsci-fi theme. Im not sure if youre like me but I find it hard sometimes to do scifi correctly, especially if its been done before and done better than anything I could pull off.


Same sh*t here sometimes. But what i’ve seen in your previous work, i must say that your “Time Machine” is some of the finest sci-fi scenes around here.

You know Half-Life 2? Of course you do. The best thing about it is that they made every character, every building, every corner of environment totaly believable. Especially the people: eastern europeans being exhausted from the suppressure, loosing hair & looking realisticly bad. And still, it’s one of the best Sci-Fi stories ever told in a game…

That is my goal in the future, probably for the next challenge. To make something realistic-looking, totaly off this whole elvish, star wars, heroic bling-blingsm and still try to challenge the viewers fantasy.

Keep up,



Hi Chupacabra, I like the image very much, kind of a calm fealing to it.

Good luck with the challenge.



hallo Kan.

I really like this image, just because it it not much stuff in it, just the polarbear and the weather… it have a really nice mood, if I can call cold weater nice… :rolleyes: not so sure I would, but a good weather for this it is…


The idea is to make a scene of a polar bear, who starts his long journey to find some food. It’s deep winter and he is very hungry. The scenery should be a bit scary but at the same time also beautifull.
I watched National Geographics lately and got inspired by a documentary about those amazing creatures. They can travel for weeks(!) to find prey and even then, there is no guarantee of succesful hunt. Their life is brutal and hard and mostly, they walk the path of loneliness. That was my goal; to try to reflect the emptiness of surviving in my image.

I have this thing for snow and frost. Since i was a kid.
I used to skip the school sometimes and go to snow-covered mountains around Sarajewo. And i walked. For hours. Just listening the whispers of the wind that blew over trees and fields.
I loved being completely alone, breathing that sharp frosty air and walk for hours without a certain point to go to.
This fascination is still inside of me. No matter how hard and boring a winter can get, i’m probably the only one around who really enjoys it.
So, looking back at my early days, this image of a bear reflects something very personal, very deep in me. It’s the warmest memory of my beloved home that i left as war in Bosnia started. And the bear is probably mirror of myself: just as he starts his journey into uncertainty, so did i left my snowy scapes leaving everything behind me and heading into a unknown future.
Despite the fact that i was obviously a weird kid, i really wanted to stick to this idea. Now, looking back to this challenge, the process of making this image became a long journey itself: i met incredible people and had a chance to build my work together with others, listening very carefully what they said. I also had the chance to share my own knowledge and help others improve their work.

Bottomline, it was an amazing experience that inspired and motivated me a lot. I put my best into it.

I know, all of us here are people of great spirit. That’s why i trust you this image.

Best regards and big respect,

Kan Muftic


I really like this pic, perhaps simple but very emotional; good work


Nicely done, Kan. You’ve conveyed the barren landscape, the hope and the despair, and the loneliness really well. And it looks great. Congrats for finishing! :slight_smile:



and so i keep comming back to view this work. great work.



your final image looks sooooo cool!! GREAT job :slight_smile:
i really like the glare that you have put onto the ground…it make it look alot better :slight_smile:
and even tho i liked the bluer sketches more i am happy with the warmer colors…its give it a much more interesting feel…

great job!
its been fun following it allong as it was made…thanks!


Hello there,

Thank You all for support and kind words.
I hope, it’ll turn to something good.

By the way, does anyone know how to upload the final tiff image?



Beautiful. It takes a lot of skill to successful convey tone and depth in a white on white image. I can “feel” the weight of the bear. The patches of ice shining through the drifting snow are an excellent touch.

Good luck with this great image…


this is also one of my fav.what happen man? i like ur art specially if your going to put more supporting elements on it like others do.they make creatures,animals robots then they add some character on it,like sitting behind on those creatures with lots of gudgets weapons,bagpacks etc. c’mon man u can still make it, only 3days left.:thumbsup:


the isolation really shows in the picture
really a nice piece

nice palette as well

good luck mate
My Journey Begins


Lovely image Kan. Kind of powerful too. Congratulations!


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