The Journey Begins Challenge (2D) Entry: Kan Muftic


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Latest Update: Final Image: Frost Scape


The idea is to make a scene of a polar bear, who starts his long journey to find some food. It’s deep winter and he is very hungry. The scenery should be a bit scary but at the same time also beautifull. I’m starting right in Photoshop. Brushing the canvas till it bleeds the colors i need. I guess, this is the right direction.
Comments are most welcome.
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The mood is great and from what I have seen on TV, for a Polar Bear to get food is one great journey so the idea is great. I can’t wait to see how it ends up. Good luck.


i agree…this one struck me straight out…

dem bears are know to go for walks…

its beautiful ad it already is…



nice idea pal

waiting 2 c more


Thanks! I was watching National Geographics yesterday and got inspired by a documentary about those amazing creatures. They can travel for weeks(!) to find prey and even then, there is no guarantee of succesful hunt. Their life is brutal and hard and mostly, they walk the path of loneliness. I will try to reflect that in my image.




Bear and food … I love it :slight_smile:


I love the mood of you picture. Good luck!


I love the bleak, muted colour scheme you’re using on this! The place really looks “dead”, which is great.

Looking forward to updates on this.


This is going to be great! Love it so far.:thumbsup:


wow! Beautiful! I feel emotion in this already!

My best wishes to you!


Forming the Bear’s body.


Hi guys!

Thanks for paying attention to my work. Here’s an update of the bear’s body. In the previous version, he looked much like a dog, didn’t he?




hey u got a polarbear too! Looks great!

(no worries, my bear’s just for show :smiley: :rolleyes: )



That is just gorgeous!
I love the way you conveyed snow and wind and yet did it all with warm colors instead of the traditional light blues… Very nice so far! Looking forward to the updates…



Hey there,
Squibitt: Where are your polar bears? Can’t find the link… I’m sorry if it’s similar, i hope it’s not. Anyway, thanks for comment.

Walrus: Wage Slave rocks, bro! I feel that way way too often…




Blocking the ice surface.


New updates coming up tomorrow, i’m finished for today. Check in and have a look tomorrow.

Best regards,

Khan alias Chupacabra


there :

but no worries, it’s not like anything like yours and i posted it just for fun,
like most of my concepts :stuck_out_tongue:



Hehe, this is probably exactely what’s going to happen with my bear when he finally finds some food, eh?