The Journey Begins Challenge (2D) Entry: jonny duddle


I really like the look of your monkey! I got to keep an eye on your work. It’s to cool!

Keep up with your good work!

See ya!


Hey duddlebug ^^

Your picture brought a big smile to my face. I love it ^^ really awesome idea!!


verry nice scene you have here jonny,
does the monkey starts the journey by taking learning haw to use the wacom ??? :slight_smile:

any way i like the picture a lot and you have some nice 20 golden nuggets of advice in the imaginefx magazine

love to see more :slight_smile:


Ha ha ha ! exellent soviet monkey idea :applause:

I`m looking forward for more devlopment and your final sketch :thumbsup:

Good luck and have alot of fuuuuun :bounce:


Je voudrais l’update. Yes, you heard me!


Hey I like your style so far (If I change my mind I guess I can post again) and anything with monkeys is big plus - I am trying to avoid unnecessary and irrelevant fluff so I won’t go into any greater detail about how sweet monkeys are but I like your image so far.




>eerie wind<

Its a bit of a crapper that he hasnt updated for ages, after such a sterling idea, but hes the new poster boy for that imagine FX magazine! Go jonny! Go for the good of the british magazine industry!

Hope you can carry this one on at some point…


haha, is that a wacom in his!


again, great character, and look forward to see an update. and slightly off topic, nice stuff in imagineFX too, both inspiring and helpful, thanks, and keep it up :slight_smile:


Duddle style again and so “great again”,really great monkey there!!!lot of humor in it i find!!!



Come back to meee!


Haha! Awesome character man! wicked style!:thumbsup:


excellent character design & style – very cool job!


Fantastic image, one of my favorites. Good luck!


haha sweeet! : )


He He He… love the image and hope you haven’t got lost in the Pennines somewhere as it’s been a while…

Good to see your work in the press…

Looking forward to the next update :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


THis is great. Very humourous. I need to keep checking in on this one cause I think its gonna ba a keeper. No crits just keep making me laugh please!


Okay… less than two weeks to go… time to get this chimp in the bag!?

I’ve spent some time this morning fiddling with the original composition. I moved Chimpski off to the right a bit thinking about ‘thirds’ and all that gumpf. But i think i’m gonna move him back to the centre for my line art. In the centre it feels full on and heroic. I’ll leave it for a few hours and see what i think…

I’ve also decided to make him bigger in frame. He still needs to look small against the guards so i may bring a guard into the foreground on one side or another. Or just try and get it looking right with the low perspective.

There’s not much time left for faffing about! So i should be submitting my line art later tonight so i can get messy with the colours over next week. Gonna have an hour or two per day until the 27th… hmmmm…

I’ve got a ton of work and a weekend camping in Wales to fit around this so we’ll see, eh?



…And i’d just like to say a big ThANKS to everyone who’s dropped by my thread while i’ve been ‘a bit quiet’. Hmmmm… i last posted on the 24th March. That’s rubbish, innit?

adonihs, vahn, osgii, individium, jpedro, doomdragon, khunlee, TheFirstAngel, Sh@ke, sundance5000, zephyri, squibbit, cahrles-ho, sean-a-murray (can’t go wrong with monkeys!), art2, ericClaeys, kyena, shaft73, MichaelMotion, domclubb, lula_assassina, cyberarts, sourgrapes, croesburn, nomad, herrstample, cgoz, OKMER, jevinart, oceanbluesky, rasseltassel, MrFreeman, anticz:
Thanks! I really do appreciate the support when i’ve been such a slacker on this thread!!

flyingP: i’ve gone abit Chimpski mad over the last couple of weeks. I’ve collected loads of cosmonaut reference off the internet, i’m reading a book called ‘Moondust’ about the NASA astronauts that walked on the moon and i’ve been doing another Chimpski illustration for ‘Imagine FX’. And i’ve started getting stuff together for a Chimpski website and comic. It’s amazing what CG challenges can spawn!?

paperclip: Thanks for all your interest and putting up with my general ignorance and neglect of this thread… Going back to something you asked. I do use the 17pixel chalk brush a lot in Photoshop (with opacity set to pen pressure) but i’m planning on doing a lot of this picture with Painter! I’m trying to learn it and it seems an appropriately challenging thing to do!

jeremoo: T-shirts would be ‘oh so cool’ to do. Maybe something for the website…?

Chupacabra: Yup… the previous image is the end of a journey and i think i confused this thread a little by posting it. It was just something i did inspired by my challenge entry for a freelance job. But i’m gonna hopefully doing a lot more Chimpski stuff over the next few months, even after the challenge.

AndyH: Haha, sorry to be a crapper. I’ve been so very very very busy. My freelance career has got off to a promising start… fingers crossed… i hope i can get this finished too. I’ve also been distracted by Daisy’s christening and lots of DiY because we’re selling our house and moving to the welsh seaside (anyone wanna buy a house in Buxton?).

I’m gonna try my best to get something finished for next week… and i’ll upload as much WiP as i can. Thanks again folks!