The Journey Begins Challenge (2D) Entry: jonny duddle


Sooo great! I like all of this pic. The render, the style, the monkey, dynamics… all!
Well done


i love those concepts. the monkey gave me a big laugh very nice work
only thing about the monkey is i think theres a very little problem with holding the mouse
but since its a sketch its like theres no problem.


what a great character! really fun to watch your sketches- keep it up!


Nice concept, I like how it’s kind of funny and serious at the same time. :smiley:
I liked that about your picture in the last challenge too. I don’t know what it is, maybe because it’s funny but no one in the painting is smiling.

Hope this turns out really nice :smiley: good luck.


:eek: fantastic work!!! like the details and your idea.


lovely, love your designs and he’s simply great. :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


man johny,u sure have something with chimps~this one rocks.haha i like him with the wacom tablet~


Good drawing skills. But it’s the end of a journey, not the begining wright? I see that he’s fallen from the sky, crashed into a tree or something… Maybe he still has to climb down a huge tree and fight himself through hordes of lions, killer-zebras and groupie-apes who all wait for him down on the ground… Just a stupid thought.
I love drawing monkeys myself. Check some of it on my Cg Portfolio…

Can’t wait to see how this journey is going to end.

Best regards and big respect

Khan alias Chupacabra

My Journey Begins

CG Portfolio


Wow! Maybe you ought to switch out your pic with a self portrait :cool: ! Best of luck on your new Freelance Journey!

b.t.w. the update looks great!


Hi Johnny, great to see you entering this challenge too… and already I see a duddlebug classic in the making, I love your style, and it’s fantastic that it got recognition in the last challenge! Chimpski (god, that’s genius, simple, but funny) is already an adorable character and I can’t wait to see developements of the rest of the Chimpskis and to get an idea of the overall colour scheme.

Best of luck again!


cool monkee dude!



Thats a cool monkey you have here!!:thumbsup::bounce:


WAAAAH! AWESOME MONKEY! Monkeys are always a big winner in my book. But you have taken it to a whole new level: communist monkeys. My world-view is shattered… I was SURE that all monkeys were devout libertarians.

Nice work as always. Looking forward to the final masterpiece!


err… it’s perfect… I think you’re done :smiley:
I don’t know what your relationship is with monkeys… but your monkeys rule.
I love this stuff!


I like the concept - can’t wait to see where you take it.


ah hahahaha - that’s where your banner comes from.
Ingenious characterwork…you are going for the win huh?

Looks like it’s going to lead you pretty far up indeed :slight_smile:


I can’t wait to see the next step on this one. Nice!


Well, ya did an amazing job on this image for ‘Imagine FX’!
Think it’s a massive design/concept you have with the monkey-astronaut…

Keep us informed!


great character. can’t wait to see your concept for it.


Go duddle! :smiley:

I’m thinking on entering this challenge, too. If I find a little space to work on this, I’ll do it.
Keep up, m8!

luv to you.