The Journey Begins Challenge (2D) Entry: jonny duddle


haha hi jonny! a wonderful and funny idea! good luck again!:thumbsup:



All’s quiet in duddle country…

What gives?
Need some more purdy pichaz!


Hey Gonzalo, Thanks for looking in. And i’m glad you like the idea!

Andy… I’ve had a bit of a bananas week professionally, so there’s been no time for Chimpski. It looks like i’ll have to find time here and there whenever i can, so no more development of different ideas. I’m going to go with the one where he’s holding Chimpski Jnr. I’ll post a line art soon… or at least a more developed concept piece… hopefully this week…


Bananas is the word…! Don’t drive anywhere today Jonny! The ice on the car was about an inch thick!


your draws are awesome!
very expressive style .
I love how unquiet is the monkey expression .

good job

i’m curious to see the color one


I’m not driving anywhere!! I’m gonna stay home and draw! WooHoo! I hope you and Matt aren’t having too muh fun without me…? :slight_smile:

Alouette: Thanks! But it may be a little while before colour…


I really like the composition you already have Johnny. It will be very interesting to see what you are opting to replace this with. Best of luck (though you don’t need it).


We’re not seeing matt anywhere…we think he’s gone AWOL… from the challenge.

Or maybe he’ll sneak up on us later??

Waiting for more updates, jonny, don’t disappoint us!


hahaha, awesome. so we go bananas this time, take care, baby doesnt have another freakout, fellah might tell :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ve just noticed that was a monkey, hahaha! Haven’t seen u in a bit duddle, hope to see something soon!:thumbsup:


Yeah, ive only really had chance to look at yours and Aly’s threads so its almost like the challenge isnt happening for me now!

You both need a tremendous boot up the buttock!



That sketch is freakin AWEsome!




gorrilaz love those characters’ thats cool man start coloring it lookin for final product :wink:


I wanted to drop by my thread for the first time in about a week to say sorry for neglecting everything. I’ve had a crazy couple of weeks professionally and left my full-time job in games to go freelance last week. So this contest dropped to the bottom of my priority list temporarily!! I’m planning on getting my line art sorted next week, because i’m still kinda snowed under with complicated work stuff… and i was distracted by the CG portfolio stuff… :slight_smile:

Thanks to everyone who’s looked at my thread and especially those who’ve commented!

Alouette: I’m curious to see the colour one too! Hopefully i can get stuck into it next week!

Sundance5000: Hi sundance! Good to see you moonlighting over here at CGtalk! Glad you like stuff so far!

paperclip: Hi Theresa! And I think you’re right about Matt… i think he’s planning an ambush when we think we’re home and dry… Me, Aly and Matt shared a room at Eurocom doing concept work, but i left last monday, so i’m not going to see as much of them from now on… I’ll miss their smiles and flatulence… :slight_smile:

the1st_angel: haha… yup sacha… i’m gonna go bananas… but slowly.

beelow: Hey Bryce! More coming next week… promise…

Andy H: Sorry Andy! I gotta feed my ladiezzz and that means earning money! But i’m gonna get on with it next week and get myself started so i can do a couple of hours here and there to get it finished on time! Althoough it’d be nice to win a copy of Zbrush or something… i’ve got my swanky graphics card installed from the last challenge! And i’m gonna try and use the copy of Painter for this challenge! CGtalk challenges are fab!

JOSHUAtheJAMES: Hi! Another conceptarter meddling with the darkside…? Thanks for the comment! Glad you like it!

nards26: Cheers! final product starting soon, but there’s still plenty of time! (I remember saying that last time and working my butt off trying to finish in the few days up to the deadline!!

Thanks again for the comments. More coming soon! Meanwhile, my new avatar is a clue to what might be coming next… i worked up some of my Chimpski idea for a page header for this month’s ‘Imagine FX’! (I’m not sure if i’m allowed to show the image yet… so i’ll check and maybe post it soon!)


This is an image i produced for ‘Imagine FX’ earlier this month. It was for an article on using and setting up Wacom tablets but i decided to develop my Chimpski character for the illustration. It seemed like a good way of killing two birds with one stone!

I couldn’t show it until now because the magazine only came out yesterday… but it’s a first colour development of the chimp character for this challenge. I’ve also scribbled a couple of comics pages based on this idea… i’ll submit them when i’m happy with them!

These aren’t representative of my final composition. I’m still gonna go with Chimpski and his baby son just before take off… More development of that coming next week…


I really must try to get jobs like that :slight_smile: . Great character and style as always Jonny :thumbsup:


glad youre entering man, work up some good art =D


haha very cool johnny :thumbsup:


Great expression on that fella there!

I’m glad you’re developing that, even though you won’t be going with it for the challenge. He’s such a cool monkey. :slight_smile:

I like the way he’s using his foot to operate the mouse. :smiley:
…Like always, fantastic work. You make me envious. :slight_smile: Give me a duddle talent!

Do you still use that 17px chalk brush? You always seem to produce such nice textures…that I can never capture, sob.

I’d really like to see this with a background…please give us an update, ok??

Now…back to chimpski & son… I wanna see the reluctant russian hero saying goodbye to his baby chimp!


That russian monkey is so iconic! You should consider have that on a T-Shirt! It looks
perfect on a white shirt! on second thought, all your works should be on T-Shirts!!! I’d loved to wear them!!

All the best with your progress, jonny!