The Journey Begins Challenge (2D) Entry: jonny duddle


Here’s another rough sketch for the composition…

Everything’s been a bit hectic for me over the last week or two so i’m struggling to find time for Chimpski and to really get involved in the challenge. But i managed to get this done in my lunch hour. I lowered the viewpoint (nice suggestion, theresa) and made Chimpski more central. I’ve expanded the moon and i’m gonna try and gear all the perspective towards it. And I’ve moved all the secondary characters into the background. I may bring Mrs.Chimpski a little further forward.

Colour wise, i’m either gonna go for dusk (think of the vivid sky in the Betty Blue poster) or cold and frosty daylight with big clouds. Both of these should contrast nicely with the orange suit that Chimpski will be wearing.

I’ve realised there’s a lot of compositional similarities between this and my Spectacular piece, but i can’t think of a way around that… Hopefully the colours will help further differentiate it…?


Very nice!

I like the way how the elements of the pic like the radar dishes are all pointing towards the moon. Maybe have wifey monkey interacting with him some more - they look kinda distanced at the mo.

Looking ace anyhoo - keep em coming. The colour scheme sound like it will look ace.


Ooh, this one looks promising. Can’t wait to see more!


Yes! this last composition looks very good…
The chimp(ski) in an orange suit/overal, this will be priceless! :smiley:
The backgroundcolor with cold and frosty daylight I think will do very nicely…

This entry is so gonna rock!
(I hate it when this happens)


this’ll work out just great johny:thumbsup:


Ahhh…I am really loving this…it has quite a powerful feeling to it and quite emotional too. sob!

I have no crits. :thumbsup:


Just to confuse matters… here’s a view from inside the cockpit of the rocket. Complete with map of the moon, diagram of the solar sysyetm in case of a wrong turn and family photo. Plus some bananas.

I’m gonna stick with the previous composition methinks but i thought of this wehn i was lying in bed this morning so had to visualise it in some way.


lol… This last one is hilarious! Laughed when i saw it… But like you said, you should probably stick with the previous as they are fitting the instructions better… Great sketch! Have fun!


Thanks to everyone for the crits so far. I feel a little guilty for not browsing more threads myself but i’ve barely found time to doodle the chimpski stuff. I should have a bit of time over the next few days so i’m gonna try and have a look!

paperclip: Thanks! As you can probably see, i’ve taken some of your tips into the updated composition, and i’m glad you like it! :slight_smile:

KoryH: the Oz books are just lovely… The shapes he uses are breathtaking. I’ve read through his blog and there’s some incredible artwork on there. So what does the russian bit mean??

FlyinP: Cool… hopefully seeya next time then…

Grobouk: Cheers! Thanks for lookin in…

AndyH: TA! I want a lot of the composition pointing to the moon… and i’m going to bring Mrs.Chimpski somewhere between Chimpksi and the Russian guards. And i’ll probably rough out both colour schemes and put it to a poll!

dash2k4: Thanks!

Micahel Motion: Cheers… and i hope the finished piece isn’t a disappointment…

sh@ke: Thanks! I’m gonna drop by your thread today… promise!!

FroZT: haha… great! I enjoyed doodling it so i’m glad you found it funny. And i’m definitely sticking with the first idea!

Thanks again, i’ll try and get another update posted before the end of the week!


hallo Jonny… this Chimpski is a real workout for the ol´ laughingmuscles… :bounce: great stuff


brilliant… like this latest comp,… :bounce:


Great new sketch Mr Duddle :slight_smile:

But in terms of sticking to the thme of the challenge, I think your Chimpski portrays emotion at the beginning of the journey better.
But great stuff - plenty o’ time left, so no harm in trying out a few things (which i sorely need to get off my behind and do myself :smiley: ) - so keep’em coming :thumbsup:


hahaha! very cool Jonny!

as great as this new sketch/concept is, I’m glad you gonna stick with the previous one… :slight_smile:
Can’t wait for some colors…


I really like that last one but I prefer the first for the theme. You shoul definitely finish it outside of the challege though-it’s too cool to let slide!


jolly good! nothing to sit back sip on some coffee and watch you work :slight_smile:


really nice idea and style!! good luck!


Hi Johnny, nice sketches! Looks like another fun ride for you and the chimp. I also like the rat rider sketch, will you develop that idea any further?


Hi Jonny!

I bet you’re glad you didn’t try to fit your space chimp into the Spectacular challenge now! consider yourself well-watched son

peace & luck


I’ve seen your work since I join cgtalk . Now this my chance to reply you.
it look great and can’t wait to see your next images :thumbsup:


makaron: heh! Cheers! More to come soon hopefully… I’ve been doodling some comic pages.

W!L: Thanks, but i don’t think i’ll be using this one for the challenge. It might make a cover for a mocked up Chimpski comic though?

Overchord: Thanks! Yup… just trying stuff out. And loads of time left yet…

MichaelMotion: Ta Michael! Colours coming soon (at least very rough colours)

paperclip: Thanks Theresa. I will finish this one. But likie you say… the first idea for Chimpski seems more relevant to the theme.

Slav: You might need a few coffees with my snail like pace this challenge… :slight_smile:

MAXA_RAT: Thanks!

Pat Piper: Hi Pat… I’m glad you like the Chimp and yes, i plan on doing something with the mouse at some point.

Avatarist: Haha. I couldn’t just leave the idea as somehting i could’ve maybe done…

SINAD: Thanks. I hope you like the end product in May!

Like i said in my last post, i’ve had a bonkers hectic couple of weeks and this challenge is down the list of priorities (but only for the moment!). I’m hoping to get some colour studies done over the next few days, and i’ve got some very rough comic pages i’ll try and finish and post. Thanks for the comments so far!