The Journey Begins Challenge (2D) Entry: jonny duddle


Cool Concept! Love your work, man! Gona check your thread close!


I’ve been a bit busier than expected, so not too much more to show but this pencil study of Chimpski, Hero of the Soviet Union.

Bravely shedding a solitary tear as he bids farewell to his baby son…


great concept ! Although I’m Polish and Chimpski last name sounds more polish maybe making it Chimpsky instead… :slight_smile: I love your style ! very original and unique, keep up the great work.


Aaah… you see… those pesky russian scientists wouldn’t send one of their own chimps up into orbit. That’d be far too dangerous. They’d grab one of those Polish chimps and not care if he returned or not…

Erm… um…



sure! use us Our chimps as guinea pigs ! lol


Haha brilliant idea and great concept. And good thinking on the USA vs USSR space race aspect :wink: (not to mention the polish chimp) I like it loads!


excellent. Love the space in the helmet.
I 1st got a similar, but I have no chance with such artist as you; So make something dfifferent
Good luck.


snorts juice through nose Oh my god Jonny, you rock :scream:


Hey, great pencil sketch but if I were you I’d change head a bit, right now it looks really uncomfortable and stunted in the helmet as it is. Maybe twist it around a bit to look at the child more? Or maybe raise the head up?

Aside from that (tiny!) detail, you’re doing a great job! The baby chimp is so adorable -put a daisy on her babygro!!


I agree with Paperclip, there´s plenty of room in that helmet for a lot of ideas once he is in orbit. Maybe you could show up a little more of his face?. Otherwise it is a cool concept, I´m going to watch You closely.


nice charactor design , when I first saw the challenge topic , your spectacular entry is poping in my head first! waiting for your nice pic from you !:applause:


OMG that last sketch so rocks!!! I seriously burst out laughing, I don’t know if any amount of AIR can remove the spewage from my keyboard, lol! :scream:

Cheers, :slight_smile:



“chimpski” ,heh, nice, cool sketch too, i like dat helmet solution :thumbsup:



chimpski… toom good mate. chimpski and son… almost sounds like a sitcom… HAROLD!


wow so scary to see u join challenge again haha kidding, nice sketch and concept so far
,please show me a great piece of work again
I am very enjoy to see the progress
best luck:)


Wonderful sketch, Jonny! The little tear is a great touch. I have to agree with Theresa and Ramitxon: If the emotional focus of the piece is Chimpski and his family then I can’t help but wish all of their heads were larger and more visible so we could see them better.
Keep 'em coming! :slight_smile:




I want one!

Love the fact that his head only takes up a fraction of his helmet.

Nice work - looking forward to seeing some of those drab soviet browns, beiges and reds


What a lovely character design! More please :slight_smile:


said it before but in this case I really don’t mind repeating myself, I love your style :wink:


that chimp is awesome :slight_smile: