The Journey Begins Challenge (2D) Entry: jonny duddle


JoNnY! I love the monkey in space! I remember the original doodle very well. You could have a co-pilot who’s a small dog; like Laika…


Yeah! Dog as co-pilot would be hilarious :applause:


Thanks for the reply, yeah I suppose you are right, there are bound to be similar themes. I just didn’t want to get disqualified for plagerism (if that is how you spell it!) Anyway while reading up on t’internet about animals being shot into space I discovered that Americans sent chimps into space and the first Russian animal in space was a dog so there is plenty of room for different interpretations. Good luck with your entry and thanks for putting my mind at rest.


Wow! So many replies for one day!?

GrM: Cheers. Dunno what i’ll be going with yet… might be this fella, might be the cimp or might be something completely different??

Beelow: Don’t worry, i’ll make sure posh finishes this one!

Crowley, Mythmaker abd jmBoekestein: Thanks guys!

FlyinP: Couldn’t resist… :shrug:

W!L, Digital Bobert: Thanks a lot!

Rudeone: Hmmm… i think i’m in danger of being typecast, but i can’t resist a monkey.

paperclip: hmmm… i think i’ll go for a monotne background and a brightly lit monkey. A bit like my spectacular piece. Um…?

Ramitxon: One small step for a chimp…?

MichaelMotion: i’m already storming on the inside! I’m thinking more soviet propoganda at the moment. Hmmmm.

Andy H: i’ve been thinking a lot about my chimp on an asteroid that i did as a spectacular rough. I really want to develop it and this subject seems to be the perfect opportunity!

walrus: Cheers Mike! I’m glad you like it. The wife and kid make it a little autobiographical for the last twelve months of first time fatherhood. Well, that’s the idea.

ArtisticVisions: Haha… these are reeeeal quickies. Just to get me going. I should have more time soon. Then i can get properly started!

Slav, Tris3d, NinjaASSN: Cheers!

Marco J: Blimey… how weird’s that? I hope you won’t mind if i explore this further. It’s been a character that i’ve been thinking about since spectacular so i may well run with this… we can both go with similar ideas i think. The brief is so specific in ‘the beginning’ of a journey that i think there’ll be lots of similar concepts floating around. Good luck with yours!

Mikael P.: Hi Mikael!! Great to hear from you! And we always get snow in Buxton! Hope you enjoy the journey…

Poshspice (and MM!): Hey Aly… The Laika idea is just brilliant. Just wait for the next rough…

Too much else to do tonight so i won’t be submitting much else until Thursday or so. Thanks y’all for being so interested so early!

And if i’ve missed anyone, or madfe any big booboo’s then i apologise but i typed this between cooking and eating pancakes (with fresh lemon, fruit sugar, bananas and tia maria. yumyum!)


Haha… yeh, i found out the same thing. It was NASA that liked sending the chimps up into the vortex! I just like those USSR space suits. Maybe we can show the two sides of the space race between us? :slight_smile:


15min, lol you are blooming fast, your concepts rock BTW :smiley:


maan…no need to look at the name…the sketch just screams duddlebug…and its frickin awesome:thumbsup:


:bounce: Good to see you back Jonny.

Now that you are famous an all with your work in that ImagineFX - this must be something extra special.

Like the ideas so far!!

:slight_smile: :thumbsup:


Some really strong starts Jonny - fantastic :smiley: Not sure which one I prefer as of yet, I’m leaning towards the first one. Can’t wait for colours :bounce:!


Hey man, good start with the sketches. Welcome again and goodluck.
Can’t wait to see something new from you.



Hi, i liked your spectacular thread :thumbsup:
Great start in “Journey” :bounce:
I hope u make something great in this one
Good luck.


Best of luck to you mate, cant wait to see ya get busy :slight_smile:


Great stuff! Keep’em coming.


Some cool concepts here! Good luck.:thumbsup:



ah my hero :smiley: good to see you with a really cool idea already … hi jonny :wavey:


hey guys… nothing new to show (frustratingly!) but i wanted to acknoweldge peeps who’ve dropped by.

RedSquirrel: haha… I had some real work to do yesterday so i had to do my sketches fast! I’m gonna have more time over the rest of the week so i’ll get some more concepts uploaded.

nebezial: Cheers! I’m gonna go look at your entry once i’ve finished typing this…

MrFreeman: Cheers david! I’ve done a few more bits for ImagineFX… It’s nice to some of this kinda stuff in print. Good luck with your entry!

Elsie: Thanks Elsie… oh dear… i’m leaning more to the chimp… But i’ll start adding colours to something soon.

Arc80, PSych, the1st_angel, Five, Gord MacDonald, Vahn: Thanks folks! I’ll crack on and get something new posted soon!

I can’t believe the volume of work submitted already!! Is it just me, or has anyone else noticed that the intensity seems to go up a notch with each challenge!?

Some groovy stuff about…


man i dig ur character design~i really love this cute characters u make:thumbsup:


Johnny, thanks for the comment in my thread.

Your idea is very nice and cool.

Great toon style. It will rock. Go to the moon! :thumbsup:


Oooh, good idea re: the space race. That could explain why the chimp is looking so shifty…maybe you could have a (badly disguised) american spying on them? I can’t wait to see how it progresses…we want more!


Hey Bug looking good.
I really wanted to explore the monkey in space thing. Oh well.
Do it proud! As I am sure you can.

Best to you.