The Journey Begins Challenge (2D) Entry: jonny duddle


man thats really sad to see you couldnt make it. i agree with ozozoz and dalton muniz about you being close to an award. i think one of the posts you made was already nearly finished and a winner: the one with chimpsky on the tree.

anyhow i hope to see your picture finished.

see you at next challenge


yea really woulda been nice too see this finished ( in time :slight_smile: )

ah, well, see u in the next one :thumbsup:



Thought i’d chuck in a quick post before things get too exciting with the looming results! (Can’t wait to see who the winners will be)

I’ve been a bit quiet on the forums for the last month or so and unfortunately missed the deadline, but i had some decent excuses (again). Going freelance was a big thing and i landed a 6 month concepting contract which had to take priority so i can feed my family. I’ve also been doing some more work for ‘Imagine FX’ and the most recent workshops have been based on my Chimpski story, so i was worried there was a bit of a conflict of interest going on…

But Chimpski’s not dead! As a matter of fact, in my most recent illustration, he’s soaking up some rays on the moon after a crash landing. Here’s the first Chimpski image i did for IFX. There’s two more done but i can’t post them until publication. I’ll upload them to my portfolio as the get published.

And i thought it’d be polite to respond to the peeps who commented and dropped by:

paperclip: Thanks for all your input and sorry i didn’t get it done. But i will finish it. I’m thinking of making this illustration into a wraparound comic cover for a pitch for a Chimpski comic, so i’ll bear your comments in mind!

Cheers! Great suggestions and i’ll make use of them as i rework the image. Painter’s growing on me! The three workshops for IFX were done in Painter as a bit of a challenge! (the workshops were about starting out with Painter when you’re used to Photoshop!) So far i’ve got quite into Oils, Artists Oils, Gouache and Digital Watercolour!

jeromoo: Didn’t finish… Sorry. But it’ll be back! And Chimpski Jnr will be in there too…

walrus: Hmmm. I think my countdown timer malfunctioned… :slight_smile: (Great to see your piece in IFX by the way!)

snowan: Thanks!

Haha… I never changed my mind on the TD. I hope you’ve got yours done with the few days left to run…

medunecer: Cheers! And I’ve stuck with the cavernous helmet for the new Chimpski stuff.

VOO: Ha! You can talk. You never listen to your answer machine… :rolleyes:

and Dalton_Muniz: I’m really sorry… But i didn’t think it was worth rushing. There’s a lot going on ion this illustration and i’ll finish it soon. I’ll post it somewhere on CGtalk when i do! And Chimpski is still alive and kicking…

individium: Thanks! Chimpski in the tree was a piece i did for an IFX article header after the challenge started. It was another character development piece really. And, as i’ve said, this piece will get finished soon.

Squibbit: You know it’s always a lottery whether i get a CGtalk challenge finished on time. I think i’m on a 40/60 completion rate at the moment. New jobs, Babies and RSI have all conspired against me in the past! i guess i’ll have to make sure i finish the next one just to get that rate up to 50/50… sigh… :shrug:

Thanks again for all the comments, views and suggestions. I hope people will still pop by next time round. I’m starting to feel a bit like the Boy Who Cried Wolf with these challenges. Hmmmmm. I promise to finish the next one… SO when is it? Huh? Huh?


(Great to see your piece in IFX by the way!)

Thanks… I haven’t seen it myself yet! Rob tells me it’s on the way…
I really hope it has one of your articles about starting off in Painter when you’re only used to Photoshop in it. I fall into that category and would love to read your advice! Wonder if I can get the other 2 in the series too… hmmm!
Anyhow, glad to hear things are going well for you. Busy is a good state to be in when you’re freelancing! :slight_smile:



That’s no fun! I’m sure it’ll turn up soon… Rob’s a man of his word! :slight_smile:

Meanwhile… check your pm’s in about 20mins…

(And the Chimpski image above is in the same issue! With my accompanying Painter confusion!)


i hope u’d be able to make it in the next challenge.were u in the TD ?i just submited mine though~a very rough one:scream: see ya in again mate


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